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This is a list of possible built-in weapon augments (also known as "battle traits" or "secondary attributes") in Xenoblade Chronicles X. For ground gear each Arms Manufacturer offers a different range of built-in augments. Items bought at the Shop Terminal only offer a small selection of the possible built-in augments. Others must be obtained by defeating enemies.

Each AM offers seventeen different built-in augments. Ranged weapons, melee weapons, and shields each have different available augments. Orphean Technologies and Six Stars do not manufacture shields.

Sakuraba Industries

Sakuraba Ranged

Sakuraba Melee

Sakuraba Shields

Grenada Galactic Group

Grenada Ranged

Grenada Melee

Grenada Shields

Meredith & Co.

Meredith Ranged

Meredith Melee

Meredith Shields

Candid & Credible

C&C Ranged

C&C Melee

C&C Shields

Nopon Commerce Guild

Nopon Ranged

Nopon Melee

Nopon Shields

Orphean Technologies

Orphean Ranged

Orphean Melee

Factory 1.21

Factory 1.21 Ranged

Factory 1.21 Melee

Factory 1.21 Shields

Six Stars

Six Stars Ranged

Six Stars Melee

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