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To-Do lists


  • Edit Wars and Abuse of Power - thread is now closed
    • Discuss blocks Done, in Code of Conduct
      • Improved communication between admins and non-admins (applies to other areas too)
      • Let blocked users post to their own wall - done, in Code of Conduct
      • Propose adopting this template for use when an admin blocks someone
  • If necessary, nudge the spoiler policy discussion back into action
  • Review all currently in-place blocks with the Admin who issued the block - done
  • Adopt Rules, Policies, and Procedures
    • Collect all at Xenbolade Wiki:Policies and subpages. - Done
    • Code of Conduct for Everyone - Start by adopting the FAQ's "preferences" as actual rules, build from there. - Done
    • Rules for Admins
      • Standards of communication and explaining / justifying use of admin abilities - Done, in Code of Conduct
      • Blocking Guidelines - Done, in Code of Conduct
      • Page Locking Guidelines
      • Accountability for (in)actions (suspending admins?)
    • Grievance Procedure (no ideas yet)
    • Spoiler Policy from Spoiler Thread - in progress
    • Content Policy
  • Remain Vigilant
    • Monitor other admin actions; make suggestions for better "customer service" when appropriate
    • Two times a year, remind everyone to read Rules, Policies, and Procedures

REMINDER: Zanza and Meyneth pages automatically become unprotected on June 26th. Spoilers and related issues need to be resolved, or nearly so, by then. - Deadline passed.


  • Remove stub templates as needed.



  • Nothing right now.

Create wiki tools

  • Python 3 GUI version of WTTG
    • Status: Functional, but not ready for release. Needs Control-A, template name option, GUI and code cleanup, code commenting / documenting, use and installation instructions, and maybe tool tips.
  • GUI Python 3 version of AWB's List Comparer
    • Status: Functional, but not ready for release. Needs a name, ability to recurse down categories, Control-A, major GUI cleanup, error checking and handling, connection status indicator, tool tips, code commenting / documenting, and use and installation instructions.
  • GUI Python 3 tool to use table data to fill in infobox data
    • Status: Early planning.
    • Intended Features: Take a table page (such as List of Materials in Xenoblade Chronicles X), allow the user to select fields (such as Sell Price and Reward Ticket Cost) in the table and the infobox parameters they correspond to, then add that data to the infoboxes of pages listed in the table. Options should exist to add a user-supplied suffix (Credits, Reward Tickets, etc,), and whether or not to overwrite existing infobox data.
  • GUI Python 3 tool to cleanup infobox wikicode.
    • Status: Conceptualization.
    • Intended Features: User provides a template name, and a list of parameters in their preferred order. Program will rearrange parameters in wikicode to reflect chosen order. User should also have multiple spacing options. If template's Documentation page includes a complete parameter list, program should read it in.
  • Advanced Search and Replace
    • Status: Very early conceptualization.
    • Possible features: If-then-else structures, Regular Expression builder / teacher.
  • Python 3 GUI Wikibot
    • Status: Early conceptualization.
    • Possible features: Normal wiki editing tools (essential), tools mentioned above, category renamer, mass copy pages & images between wikis, Ceiling Master-style wiki code standardization, interlanguage link adder.

Completed projects

See User:UnnamedBonus/To Do List/Completed

Abandoned projects

See User:UnnamedBonus/To Do List/Abandoned

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