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These items were on my To Do List, but I've abandoned them for some reason. Some of them have likely been completed by other editors, but until I verify that, they'll remain here instead of on the Completed list.


  • Armour
    • Create a "Sources" template for Armour, Weapons, and Materials pages - Done.
    • Add Appearance section to all armour pages - Done by Flanqer. Thanks!
    • Format all armour pages
      • Heavy Armour done, others need checking per KumoriFox.
        • Light Armour has all been checked
        • Mechonis head and torso armour has been checked
    • On all armour pages, list all sources. - Done, mostly by Kumorifox, thanks!
    • Maybe turn User:UnnamedBonus/Armour Recognition into something useful for the main wiki space - Done by Flanqer, at Armour Recognition. Thanks!
  • Materials
    • Create all materials pages. Done, mostly by Ceiling Master. Thanks, CM!
    • Format all materials pages.
    • Fill in all sources on materials pages.
  • Arts
    • Add sources for art books to all arts pages. - Done, mostly by LightBender360. Thanks!
    • Cut the sources list on Levelling Battle Arts down, per agreement
    • Reformat all Arts pages like Bone Upper.
      • On hold again. We may never work out a good format for those pages.


  • Misc
    • Update the Xenoblade Wiki: Community Decisions page.
    • Every six months have UBot scan for and fix links to wiki pages that use the external link format.
      • Last scan: 25 May 2016.
      • Result: 0 links corrected out of 11,336 pages scanned.
      • With 0 results after alomst a year, it's not worth doing this scan any longer.
    • Find somewhere prominent to link to Community Decisions page.
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