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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Note: This page is no longer being updated. For more up-to-date information in an easier-to-read format see:

Some notes I began making while compiling the high value Salvage Sets page. Collectibles are also available from Salvage Points, but originally I didn't think to note them down.

All Salvage Points were checked using Premium Cylinders and 10+ levels of Salvaging Mastery.

Argentum Trade Guild

Salvage Deck


Goldmouth Flight Deck

Gormott Province

Saets Chief's Residence

Grodd Residential Zone

  • Enemies:

Torigoth Relay Base

  • Enemies:

Torigoth Flower Patch

  • Enemies:

Lascham Island

  • Enemies:

Near Lascham Island

  • Enemies:

Seigle Fell

Melnath's Shoulder

Umon's Shipyard

  • Enemies:

Near Port Deck

  • Enemies:

Empire of Mor Ardain

Jarlin Wing Area #1

  • Enemies:

Port Anangham

Near Chansagh Wastes

Cargo Transpt. Zone

  • Enemies:

Fief of Forgetfulness

  • Enemies:

Old Factory Warehouse

Near Bulge Harbor

  • Enemies:


Battlescar Cove

  • Enemies:

Dalnes Stone

  • Enemies:

Triedge Isle

Leftherian Archipelago

Messet Point

  • Enemies:

Rigitte Harbor

Daram Isle

  • Enemies:

Daridan's Stack

  • Enemies:

Godsford Isle

  • Enemies:

Isle of Urchon

Ansel Hatchery

  • Enemies:

Indoline Praetorium

Goetuis Wharf #1

Spirit Crucible Elpys

Canyon of Husks

Portal of the Hero

  • Enemies:

Cliffs of Morytha

Near Morytha Falls

  • Enemies:

Near Jubilee Gate

  • Collectibles:

World Tree

7th Perimeter Skyport

  • Enemies:

By 7th Perim. Skyport

  • Enemies:
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