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After six years here, I'm burnt out. Burnt out on editing. Burnt out on being an admin. Burnt out on Wikia / Fandom. I'm even burnt out on Xenoblade, and maybe Nintendo too.

As a result, I've left this wiki (and Wikia / Fandom), and have stepped down as an Administrator here.

Although I am burnt out, this is not a flame out. I'm not angry or upset with anyone. There wasn't a "final straw" that made me decide to leave. Certain things that happened this year might have gotten me here a little faster, but I've been headed toward burnout for a long time.

I hope this wiki continues to thrive, and I wish everyone here health, happiness, and success. Especially Ceiling Master, who has been great to work with over the past six years.

UnnamedBonus (talk) 06:01, December 31, 2018 (UTC)

Pages in my user space

General / wiki

Format testing pages

XC2 specific

For simplicity, all of my XC2 pages begin with User:UnnamedBonus/XC2/

XCX specific

XC1 specific

  • Translation Notes - Notes for use with the JCE. See the page intro for a more detailed explanation of its main purpose. Doubles as a master list of enemies. Gems are also on this page.
  • Translation Notes 2 - Has translation notes for Advanced Art Books, NPCs, Weapons, Armour, and Materials.
  • Crystal Deposit Locations - Lists all crystal deposits, as numbered on the Japanese Comprehensive Encyclopedia, and provides a source of text describing mining locations that can be copy-pasted to Gem pages.

No longer needed

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