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  • UnnamedBonus

    Admins on this wiki have a long tradition of describing ourselves as just regular editors with a few extra buttons. While that may be how we perceive ourselves, I've come to realize that's not how many non-admins perceive us.

    To a lot of non-admins we're authority figures. That means that sometimes what we view as a personal request to another editor, the person on the receiving end views as an order or a command.

    That's lead me to think about ways we admins can improve our communications so that people understand our intent better. When we ask someone to do something, maybe we need to specifically state whether it's a Personal Request or an Admin Request. That could tie into some ideas I'm pondering about our blocking policy, where there's …

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  • UnnamedBonus


    May 19, 2018 by UnnamedBonus

    It's Saturday, I'm chain editing, and Hungry Like the Wolf is on infinite repeat.

    Feels like old times.

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  • UnnamedBonus

    Which means:

    1. Bozé will never be in my party again.
    2. I'll never have to do the Water Torture mission again.

    Both of these things make me happy.

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  • UnnamedBonus
    • Played a lot of Mario Kart 8, mostly at 150cc. Failed to unlock Mirror Mode.
    • Played a little Super Mario 3D World. Discovered that Beep Block Skyway has not gotten any easier since I last played.
    • Watched the last ever episodes of my favorite TV show - The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. :-(
    • Found the retro channel on TV. Discovered that Gilligan's Island and Hogan's Heroes aren't as funny as they were when I was a kid. Emergency!, however, is still pretty cool.
    • During a fit of insomnia wrote a draft version of a possible FAQ for the wiki.
    • Researched OS options for my next PC. Decided I'm probably gonna use some flavor of Linux, at least until Windows 10 comes out.
    • Discovered that there is such a thing as paid content on YouTube. Opted not t…
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  • UnnamedBonus

    I made a run through the stubs today. In doing so it became obvious me that the vast majority of stubs are either armour pages or locations, with weapons coming in a distant third.

    I've never done much with locations pages, and don't have any plans to start now.

    I've been working on armour pages though, and the sheer number of them that are marked as stubs (with likely many more not marked but still needing lots of work) got me to thinking about the way I've been filling in armour pages, and the fact that it's not very speedy.

    So far I've been trying to do everything in one pass, which takes a long time. I recall from enemies pages that it went a lot faster to do the infoboxes and drops in separate passes.

    So I think I'm gonna adopt that appro…

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