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The worlds of Bionis-Mechonis (I can't find any other name for Shulk's world) and Alrest are two linked dimensions. So I was thinking which characters are the "counterparts" in each game. If there are any other suggestions, or problems, let me know in the comments.


  • Shulk = Rex, both are the main protagonists.
  • Fiora = Pyra, they are the main female supporting protagonists.
  • Reyn = Azurda, they have been close to the main protagonists since childhood.
  • Dunban = Morag, high-ranking soldiers who had a family member sacrifice themselves (Fiora even mentions that she reminds herself of her brother)
  • Sharla = Nia, both are healers with troubled pasts.
  • Melia = Zeke, powerful and famous children of kings (see below).
  • Riki = Tora, both are playable nopons.

From Bionis

  • Dickson = Akhos, they are both major antagonists. Also has some similarities to Amalthus, villains who were friendly at first but then transform and look like Doctor Octopus.
  • Alvis = Mythra, both powerful supporting characters.
  • Sorean = Eulogimenos, redeemed kings scared of a legendary weapon's power
  • Kallian = Pandoria, important figure related to one of the main playable characters.
  • Lorithia = Mikhail, they are both unique antagonists.
  • Tyrea = Patroka, they are both minor antagonists.
  • Colonel Vangarre = Vandham, they share the same Japanese name and their English names at least begin with "Van-". They have drill sergeant-like personality and a tendency to call their subordinates "slackers."
  • Otharon = Dromach, wise mentor like characters.
  • Juju = Poppi, childlike characters.
  • Gadolt = Brighid, boss turned ally.
  • Telethia = Guldos, creatures originating from before the beginning.
    • Sani = Infernal, boss versions of those creatures.

From Mechonis

  • Egil = Jin, they are evil, yet sympathetic, leaders of terrorist organizations.
  • Vanea = Lora, a female closely connected to the evil leader.
  • Mumkhar = Bana, a number of reasons. But also Gort in terms of appearences, weapons, and desire for a weapon.
  • Xord = Dughall, they are both beginning villains.
  • Miqol = Raqura, although they are important leaders, they do not play much parts of the plot.

Divine Beings

  • Bionis = Malos, they are the evil and powerful blades (remember, blades evolve into titans).
  • Mechonis = Pneuma (or Coffee-and-Milk), they are the good and powerful blades.
  • Lady Meyneth = Amalthus, since the big good (a powerful and benevolent character who's not the main protagonist) fills up Zanza's role I figured the big bad would be her counterpart. Then again, there was also that Infernal Guldo.
  • Zanza = The Architect, litarelly the other half of Klaus
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