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Vagrant Baldr is a Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is a human-like enemy mounted in a small Titan fighter, and is a member of the Brionac. He can be found at level 62 patrolling the air all over the Brionac Occupied Zone in the Empire of Mor Ardain.

He must be defeated in order to unlock Zenobia's level 5 Adamantine Axe Blade Special.

His Tombstone is located in the northwest corner of the Brionac Occupied Zone.


Name Type Rarity Rate
Aerial Hunter V Aux Core Legendary (rarity 3) 8.4%
Fusion Combo Up V Aux Core Legendary (rarity 3) 7.2%
Silver Chip Core Chip Legendary (rarity 3) 9.0%
Jamming V Aux Core Legendary (rarity 3) 7.2%
Hi-Tech Eyepatch Accessory Rare (rarity 2) 7.2%
Hi-Tech Eyepatch Accessory Legendary (rarity 3) 4.8%
Common Core Crystal Core Crystal Common (rarity 1) 20.0%
Rare Core Crystal Core Crystal Rare (rarity 2) 13.0%
Legendary Core Crystal Core Crystal Legendary (rarity 3) 3.9%