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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The Valak Mountain (Japanese: ヴァラク雪山, Varaku yukiyama, lit. Valac Snowy Mountain; English dub: /ˈvælæk/) is located on Bionis' right arm in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is by far the largest location in the game by explorable area. Located at the bottom of Valak Mountain is a path that leads to Bionis' Thumb, which in turn leads to Sword Valley. At night the ice trees send a beam of light into the sky, illuminating the mountain with a yellow glow. The two strongest enemies in the game are located here, which are the Blizzard Belgazas and the Avalanche Abaasy, and they appear only after defeating Egil, as the other Superbosses.

It houses ruins of High Entia and Giant origin. It is said that Valak Mountain was not always this cold, but a movement of Bionis changed its climate.

There are no permanent settlements in this zone, and its only inhabitants are Nopon researchers. After the events in the Mechonis Core, a group of High Entia take refuge in the Sealed Tower.


Valak night

Valak Mountain at night

The party, heading to Sword Valley, must pass though Valak Mountain. Upon reaching the area, they are told by Alvis to head towards the Sealed Tower. Arriving at the entrance to the tower, they find that the door is covered by a thick layer of ice. The party must then obtain the Magma Rock from the Conflagrant Raxeal in the Lava Cave in order to melt the ice and enter the tower. Once resting inside Sealed Tower, Alvis tells Shulk that he has to accept his vision, which Dunban overhears. After that, the party continues towards Bionis' Wrist via the Great Glacier, where they encounter Face Nemesis and engage Metal Face in battle, where he reveals himself as Mumkhar.

Landmarks and Locations

Valak Mountain DE Map

Map of Valak Mountain


Upper Level Landmarks

Lower Level Landmarks


Upper Level Locations

Lower Level Locations


  1. Serik Waterfall (Mine symbol is obscured on area map by location name) [Water]
  2. E of Kana Peak and WSW of Apis Lair [Wind]
  3. Nagul Waterfall [Ice]
  4. S of Nopon Camp [Wind]
  5. W deposit in Lava Cave [Fire]
  6. E deposit in Lava Cave [Fire]
  7. E of Harict Chapel [Water]
  8. SE of Ignia Hill and far NW of La Luz Church [Ice]
  9. Bionis' Right Elbow N [Water]
  10. N of Great Glacier on a ledge [Ice]

Points of Interest


Normal Minor Enemies

Quest Exclusive Enemies

Unique Monsters

Quest Exclusive Unique Monsters


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