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For the character from Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Vandham (XCX).

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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

"What's the matter? Are you the Aegis or aren't ya?!"
– Vandham

Vandham (Japanese: ヴァンダム, Vandamu), born Aquila Paronet Sol Esteriole, is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is the leader of the Urayan Garfont Mercenaries. He is a Driver accompanied by his special Blade, Roc, and acts as a mentor to Rex and the party.

Vandham is a temporary party member, joining at level 20 during Chapter 3 and leaving during chapter 4.


Vandham is an Urayan man beyond his prime with gray-brown eyes, a silver mullet that has yellow and blue streaks, pointed ears, white scales on both sides of his face, and a large X-shaped scar in the middle of his face. He is a beefy and robust man, possessing a tank-like, bulky physique and incredibly massive muscles.

Vandham's attire is a large set of strapped on green and blue armor, having many silver and blue crosses all over it. He also wears matching leather, finger-less gloves, along with pointed, matching leather boots.


Before becoming a mercenary, he was a scion of the noble Paronet family. The name "Vandham" was a nickname inspired by someone he looked up to as a child, his birth name being Aquila Paronet Sol Esteriole. He also had a son who died of causes that are never specified. He was a freelancer before he joined the Garfont Mercenaries, and he fought alongside Cole.


Vandham with Roc and Yew

Rex first meets Vandham in the Kingdom of Uraya. He and his assistants, Yew and Zuo, challenge Rex and party to a fight for the Aegis. Vandham tricks Rex into exhausting Pyra's power. Just as Vandham is about to deliver a lethal blow to Rex, he stops and reveals that he never meant them any harm; just wanted to test the capabilities of the Driver of the Aegis.

Vandham leads them back to Garfont Village, the home of his mercenary group. Over a meal, Vandham tells Rex that wars involve everybody, one way or another, and that everyone needs a reason to fight. He then joins the party to investigate a large ether energy buildup near the blowhole. Along the way, Vandham teaches Rex how to inflict Topple with Anchor Shot. They find a small decaying Titan near the blowhole, but they are interrupted by an Elder Arachno that managed to bond with the Blade Wulfric. Vandham then tells Rex the Blade life-cycle: Core Crystals are formed from dying Titans, and every time a Blade dies, they revert to their Cores with their memories wiped.

Upon making it back to Garfont, Vandham learns that Rex and Pyra share an unusual bond, resulting in both Rex and Pyra gaining each other's injuries. Akhos interrupts their conversation and Vandham tells them that Torna had killed many Drivers, including some of his friends. After Vandham and Roc help drive off Akhos, Nia tells Vandham about her past with Torna before Vandham dismisses her, telling her to focus on the present.

He then leads the party to Fonsa Myma to meet Cole, who knows how to get to Elysium. Along the way, they encounter Zeke and Pandoria for the first time. Upon reaching the Capital, they notice a large number of warships. They later fight a soldier who stole a child's rations; the child turns out to be Iona, Cole's granddaughter. They watch one of Cole's plays on the Aegis War; Cole later speaks to Vandham and the others and agrees to help them reach Elysium.


Vandham fights Malos

After Pyra and Iona are lured out to Olethro Playhouse, Vandham helps Rex and the others fight back against Akhos and Malos. When Obrona uses her power to disrupt the ether flow in the air, Vandham impales himself on Roc's scythes to continue fighting. He begs Rex to escape, but Rex refuses to leave Vandham. He tells Rex to fight his own war before being killed by Malos. Rex tries to avenge him, leading to Mythra's awakening.

Vandham's Cameo in flashback of Chapter 8

Vandham during a flashback in Chapter 8

After the battle Vandham is buried in Olethro Playhouse, as it is a mercenary custom to be buried where they fell. Yew and Zuo reveal that Vandham wanted Rex to take charge of the Garfont Mercenaries. Beyond this he is only mentioned by Nia, Rex telling to reawaken Roc about his old Driver, and a flashback in Chapters 7, 8, and 10.

General Stats

Level Max HP Max Strength Max Ether Max Dexterity Max Agility Max Luck
1 776 41 37 34 22 34
99 7,755 412 369 313 204 343

Thought Cloud

These are Vandham's Idea Stats upon joining the party.

  • Bravery - Lv. 4
  • Truth - Lv. 4
  • Compassion - Lv. 5
  • Justice - Lv. 3

Default Blade

Roc is Vandham's default Blade and cannot be used by any other character.

Name Role Element Default Core Chip Obtained
- Default Blade when Vandham joins the party.


Favorite Items

Affinity Chart

Tier Name Effect SP
1 Burly Chain Lets you use a Driver Art after canceling a Driver Art. 750
Tough Nut Increases maximum HP by 200. 250
10,000 Push-Ups Increases Strength by 20. 375
Veteran Adds a 10% chance of attacking again after a successful auto-attack. 625
Muscle Accelerator I Allows use of the Driver Art assigned to Button-X at the start of battle. 500
2 Ether Power Increases Ether by 20. 2,500
Elite Muscles Boosts Strength by 10%. 1,000
Beefcake Flurry Adds 20% to damage ratio after canceling an auto-attack. 2,000
Muscle Accelerator II Allows use of the Driver Art assigned to Button-Y at the start of battle. 3,000
Guardian Boosts maximum HP by 10%. 1,500
3 Serious Recovery Boosts the effect of HP Potions by 20%. 3,000
Muscle Accelerator III Allows use of the Driver Art assigned to Button-B at the start of battle. 4,000
Last Man Standing 50% chance to survive hit with 1 HP + 5 secs invincibility (once per battle). 6,000
Big Strong Hands Increases the HP restored when reviving a teammate by 15%. 2,000
Ether Muscle Boosts Ether by 10% 5,000

Hidden Affinity Chart

After finishing the game and installing Patch (Ver.1.3.0), the New Game Plus will be available and will allow Vandham to get a new Affinity Chart.

Tier Name Effect SP
1 Power Lift Extends Launch duration by 15%. 7,500
Quick Muscles Increases Agility by 20. 3,750
Dependable Guy Slightly fills the Party Gauge for each critical hit delivered. 2,500
Anything for a Mate Boosts recharge for Specials after canceling by 20%. 6,250
Knack for Battle Increases Dexterity by 20. 5,000
2 World's Strongest Man Boosts Strength by 10%. 5,000
Honed to Perfection Boosts Dexterity by 10%. 10,000
Recuperation Increases HP restored to self (not using HP Potions) by 10%. 12,500
Pumped Dodge Boosts Agility by 10%. 7,500
Thank the Heavens Increases Luck by 20. 15,000
3 Buff Buff Slightly fills the Party Gauge when an "Excellent" is scored during a Special. 15,000
Higher Powers Boosts Luck by 10%. 30,000
Physical Fitness Restores 3% HP when canceling an auto-attack with a Driver Art. 25,000
Booming Aid Increases Affinity by 25% after winning a Special button challenge. 10,000
Greatest Work Slightly fills the Party Gauge at the end of each Chain Attack. 20,000


Vandham is fought as a level 20 boss inside the Jebbas Cavern along with his Blade, Roc, and his assistants, Yew and Zuo, and their Blades.


  • Vandham can guard attacks from any side.


Break 60% Smash 0%
Topple 0% Blowdown 60%
Launch 0% Knockback 60%


Art Type Element Hits Range Damage Ratio Reaction Effect
Muscle SlashPhysical-2One target150-Increases damage dealt by 100% when HP is 30% or less.
Fast TwitchPhysical-1One target300Accuracy Up-
Muscle UppercutPhysical-1One target200Launch-


During battle Vandham fights alongside Roc, who increases his dexterity by 15% and is able to use Arts Plus.


Element Weapon Auto-attack Stability Critical Rate Block Rate
Wind Dual Scythes 90 11 36% 5%

Blade Specials

Art Type Element Hits Range Damage Ratio Reaction Effect
Death WingPhysicalWind4One target300 - 340--
Crushing TwisterPhysicalWind8One target400 - 440-Increases damage dealt by 100% - 110% when HP is 30% or less.
Feather TyphoonEtherWind4Ahead500 - 540Blowdown-



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