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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Weapons can be dropped by enemies, earned from quests, bought or sold at shops, or received through trading with NPCs.

Each character can use only one distinct type of weapon which is exclusive to that character. For example, Reyn uses gunlances; he cannot use any other type of weapon, nor can gunlances be used by anyone else. The only exception to this is the Monado, which can be wielded by Dunban at the start of the game, and is later passed on to Shulk.

When selling weapons at shops, the sell price is dependent on the number of empty slots. Each slot adds 20% of the price of the slotless version; a weapon with 3 slots will sell for 60% more than the same weapon with no slots. If the player has equipped any gems in the weapon's slots, they will be removed and returned to the player's inventory when that weapon is sold.

Riki's Buy Stuff! skill increases the selling price by 20%. This bonus is received even if he is not in the active party. In the case of slotted weapons, the bonus is 20% of the normal sell price of the slotted item.

When buying weapons at a shop, the purchase price is ten times the normal selling price of the identical weapon with the same number of slots. The purchase price is not affected by Riki's Buy Stuff! skill.

Some weapons share the same appearance, which is indicated below by a skin code, e.g. 3-B. The number identifies the general appearance and the letter identifies the colour variant.

Weapon Lists

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