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For the holofigure, see White Whale (holofigure).
White Whale

The White Whale

The USS White Whale, also known as L-002, is an Ark Ship in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is one of the few Ark Ships to survive the attack on Earth, and carries the city of New Los Angeles through space until it crashes on Mira as a result of the alien pursuit forces attacking it.

Throughout Mira, debris from the White Whale's hull can be found as Treasure Boxes, all of which require Mechanical skill to open. The Collectopedia's Wreckage category consists of other scattered materials from the White Whale that survived atmospheric entry.


  • The White Whale's name may be a reference to Moby Dick, a fictional white whale who is obsessively and vengefully hunted by Captain Ahab, who dies in the process. Like the fictional captain, in Xenoblade Chronicles X, the Ghosts pursue the White Whale seeking to destroy it, and the Ganglion obsessively hunt down the White Whale's survivors and Lifehold.
  • The White Whale's name may refer to the constellation Cetus, which represents the mythological whale or sea monster. Cetus is the Latinized Ancient Greek word κῆτος, kētos, meaning today "whale". Cetus also harbors a red giant star called Omicron Ceti also known as Mira, that may be a reference to the name of the planet in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


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