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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Whitewing Palace is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located on the second floor of Alcamoth, above the Imperial Palace itself. It can only be reached by a transporter from the south wing of the Great Hall, or Skip Travelled to.


It is a large circular room, simply furnished with only a long table, and is where the party is held after being arrested by the High Entia for carrying the Monado. They express annoyance at being prisoners, and wonder about Melia's hand in their predicament. 

After a short while two guards enter, and announce that the party is to be interrogated by the Divine Seer. This being follows the guards in, and is revealed to be Alvis. He assures them that Melia is fine, and instructs the guards to have them freed. He then tells the party that they may stay or explore the Capital as they wish, and exits. Soon after another guard enters in a state of agitation, looking for Alvis, but when he finds only the party there he explains that a team sent to repair a transporter has disappeared, and the party sets out to help.

Once that is cleared up they return to the Palace to rest. 

They watch the Emperor announcing his successor, and all of them except Dunban are suprised to find that Melia is royalty, and to be crown princess. Almost immediatly after the ceremony, a group of masked High Entia assassins attempt to kill the party, however are quickly fought off. Alvis and Kallian appear to investigate this, Alvis having had a vision warning of it. He introduces Kallian as Melia's brother, and points out that the problem has been resolved. Alvis then goes on to mention that the assassins are probably Inquisitors of the Bionite Order, a very old cult thought to have long ceased practices. Shulk interrupts and warns Kallian that Melia is in danger, and although Kallian initially opposes the party's plan to intervene and help her, Dunban points out that their rules only affect High Entia, and thus they may enter the Tomb and help her. Once again they leave, returning only for a short time after Melia's Ceremony of Investiture before deciding to go and find her.


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