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For the enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Wood Bunnit (XC1).

Wood Bunnits are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are members of the Bunnit family and can be found at level 12-20 at various locations in Gormott Province, including Garanti Plain, the Plains of Evening Calm and Melnath's Shoulder. Five of them must be defeated to unlock KOS-MOS's level 2 "R-Blade".


Name Type Rarity Rate
Appealing Lamp Accessory Rarity1 14.0%
Smash Resist I Aux Core Rarity1 14.0%
Infantry Vest Accessory Rarity2 8.4%
Infantry Vest Accessory Rarity3 5.6%
Common Core Crystal Core Crystal Rarity1 5.0%
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