Xe-doms (Japanese: ゼ=ラア, Ze-raa) are machine enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are Miran drones utilized by the Ganglion for security. They appear as huge hovering creatures made of a strange metal, with glowing lines around their bodies and a single glowing eye in the center. They can be found either patrolling or half-submerged in the ground. Often they will only be aggressive toward Skells. Xe-doms appear in all regions, but are rare outside of Sylvalum and Cauldros.

Xe-doms are not affected by adverse weather.


"Enigmatic, pilotless crafts exhumed from the Miran soil. They come in a variety of sizes, and are constructed from some kind of living metal that not even Ganglion technology can replicate. But while the particulars of the xe-dom manufacturing process remain shrouded in mystery, a lucky research mistake unlocked the secret of controlling the units."

"Their exceptional combat skills—including the ability to manipulate gravity in the surrounding area, useful for both attacking and movement—make them ideal for protecting critical Ganglion bases."

Color Variants

Xe-doms fall into four color variations:

  • Silver Xe-doms are silver in color with green glowing lines and an orange eye. They can drop Xe-dom Silver Crests.
  • Black Xe-doms are jet-black in color with blue glowing lines and a purple eye. They can drop Xe-dom Jet-Black Crests.
  • Red Xe-doms are iron-gray in color with purple glowing lines and a red-orange eye. They can drop Xe-dom Crimson Crests. Du-rha, the Imprisoned is the only Xe-dom found with this coloration.
  • Gold Xe-doms are pale brass in color with magenta glowing lines and a magenta eye. They can drop Xe-dom Golden Crests. They are only found in Cauldros.

List of Xe-dom Enemies

Minor Enemies

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