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Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected (Japanese: つながる未来, Tsunagaru mirai) is an extra epilogue story extension of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. It revolves around Melia, accompanied by Shulk and two new Nopon, Kino and Nene, who are all playable in the new area Bionis' Shoulder. This additional story can be played without clearing the main storyline first (although it will not make sense without prior knowledge of the Xenoblade Chronicles plot).


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XCDE Shulk Future Connected.png XCDE Melia Future Connected.png XC1DE-Kino-artwork.png XC1DE-Nene-artwork.png
Shulk Melia Kino Nene


The battle mechanics are globally similar but the Visions and the Skill Trees are gone, and Chain Attacks are replaced by a new battle mechanic, the Union Strikes. These involve the Ponspectors, who are supporting Nopon characters and participate in battles with strong group attacks. Shulk and Melia retain their arts from the main game, and Kino and Nene fight with the arts of Sharla and Reyn respectively.


1/7 scale Melia figure

Following Pyra, Mythra and KOS-MOS figures, Good Smile Company has announced a Melia figure made into a 1/7 scale and based on her design from Future Connected on May 29th, 2020, and revealed prototype pictures for the WonHobby Gallery 2020 AUTUMN exhibition on October 17th.



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