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For those who have not completed games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, this page contains spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


Chapter 1: Encounters

A Boy and the Sea / The Legend of Elysium

Rex on Azurda's back

According to legend, the people of Alrest originally resided with their creator, the Architect, in Elysium, atop the World Tree. However, for unknown reasons, they were later expelled from the land. The Architect then sent the Titans to save them, and since then the Titans have been the home to all inhabitants of Alrest. However, the Titans are not immortal, and eventually they will perish and sink beneath the Cloud Sea.

At the beginning of the game, an armistice between rival nations the Empire of Mor Ardain and the Kingdom of Uraya has brought around a decade of peace, but tensions are extremely high, almost on the brink of war.

After a salvage results in an unexpected battle with a King Crustip, Rex, who lives on the back of the Titan Azurda, witnesses the death of another Titan in the distance. Azurda comments on the inevitability of every Titan's death, while Rex realizes this would result in conflicts as land becomes more limited.

The Masked Man

Bana, chairman of Argentum

Rex then travels to the Argentum Trade Guild to sell the goods he salvaged. There, he receives a summons from Bana, chairman of the Guild. Bana introduces Jin, as well as the Drivers Malos and Nia and their respective Blades, Sever and Dromarch, who have a salvage job offer for Rex. The target wreckage is in uncharted waters, and the group specifically requests that a Leftherian be on the salvage team. Rex accepts, much to the dismay of Azurda, and the team soon departs for the wreckage. As they head for the wreckage, Rex notices a ship in the distance that seems to be following them.

Addam's Crest

Rex finds Pyra

At the site, the salvage team raises the target wreckage, and Rex and the clients enter the ship. In the depths of the ship, the group reach a pair of doors that can only be unlocked by a Leftherian. Rex unlocks the doors and the group enters the chamber.

Inside, Rex finds a young girl in stasis, whom Jin and Malos recognize as the Aegis, behind a sword with a glowing emerald crystal. Malos warns Rex not to touch the crystal but is ignored. In response, Jin stabs and kills Rex, saying that it is better that he not witness what is about to happen. As Rex dies and the sword shatters, Jin orders Malos and Nia to carry the sleeping girl out of the ship and onto their own ship, the Monoceros.

Resonance of the Heart

Rex meets Pyra in Elysium

Rex then finds himself in a quiet field, with the aforementioned girl standing next to a single tree in the middle. Rex realizes the girl is a Blade, and she introduces herself as Pyra. She then affirms the legends of Elysium and reveals that they are in Pyra's memory of the paradise. Pyra then asks Rex to help her reach Elysium, offering to give half of her life force to restore his. Rex agrees to the offer and is resurrected with a fragment of Pyra's Core Crystal fused into his chest.

Crossroads of Destiny

Rex and Pyra fight Malos

After Pyra's body is removed from the wreckage, Malos orders Nia to kill everyone remaining on the salvage team so no one will know the events that transpired; but Nia protests. However, they are interrupted by Pyra's awakening and Rex's resurrection, and the duo proceeds to attack. While the salvage crew escape, Rex is quickly overpowered by Malos and Sever, but Nia and Dromarch manage to prevent Malos's final strike. The Monoceros then opens fire on the four, and while Dromarch manages to block the strike, he eventually is overpowered, and the attack nearly sends Nia into the Cloud Sea, and she is only barely saved by Rex. Just as the Monoceros prepares to blast Rex and Nia, the ship is assaulted by Azurda, who recognizes Jin and Malos and their persistance in their plans. Azurda then flies Rex, Pyra, Nia, and Dromarch out of the range of the Monoceros. Jin decides not to pursue them, stating that the awakening of the Aegis is enough for the time being.

Chapter 2: Aptitude

Why Still Alive, Meh?!

After hearing about the events from the salvage team, Bana expresses frustration due to the complete failure of the job. After learning of Rex's flight, Bana realizes they will be headed for Gormott Province and contacts Consul Dughall to discuss their next actions.

Gramps's Fate

Azurda reverts to a larval form

Rex and Pyra find themselves on Gormott, but with no sign of the others. The two soon find Azurda, who has sustained heavy injuries. Azurda then dissolves in front of Rex's eyes, but is revealed to still be alive, albeit having reverted to his larval stage. The three then find Nia and Dromarch, and Rex realizes Nia is a Gormotti. Rex explains to the group everything that has happened between her and Pyra, as well as Pyra's goal of reaching Elysium. Nia offers to take the group to the Gormotti town of Torigoth, though she plans on parting ways once they reach the inn.

Talk Later

As they rest for the night, Azurda talks to Pyra, acknowledging that a long time has passed since they last met. Azurda asks Pyra to confirm Rex's earlier explanation, which she does, adding that she must also stop Jin and Malos. Azurda also questions Rex's involvement, though he realizes that the boy would end up getting involved regardless of what has happened so far.

Gormott Hasn't Changed a Bit

Nia's wanted poster

Upon reaching Torigoth, Nia finds wanted poster for her, Jin, and Malos, and tears up her poster, enraged at how little it resembles her. Rex then realizes that the three are members of the terrorist group Torna. They then witness a recruiter looking to find potential Drivers by having them resonate with a Core Crystal. Two Gormotti attempt to do so; one, a large and burly Gormotti, fails, severely incapacitating him, while the other, a smaller Gormotti, succeeds and summons a Blade. Nia and Azurda explain that in order to be a Driver, one must possess a certain aptitude, and the Blade is only brought to existence once a Driver successfully resonates with a crystal (though Pyra, being the legendary Aegis, is an exception to the second part).

Brighid, Jewel of Mor Ardain

Brighid appears

Once they reach the hotel, the group is confronted by Ardainian soldiers, along with the fire-based Blade Brighid. The team is quickly overpowered, and Dromarch and Nia are captured after the soldiers deploy ether nets. Rex and Pyra escape after an unknown projectile ruptures a pipe and sprays water on Brighid, temporarily weakening her.

The Color "Emerald" / Lady Mòrag and Dughall

Tora introduces himself

Dughall learns about the skirmish but is enraged after the soldiers fail to catch the Blade with the emerald Core Crystal, owing largely due to the soldiers failing to understand that emerald is a shade of green. Dughall then receives an unexpected visit from Special Inquisitor Mòrag, who finds out from Nia and Dromarch of Rex and Pyra's names.

As Rex and Pyra attempt to thwart the soldiers' pursuit, they are helped by the Nopon Tora, who brings them through a secret corridor to his house. There, he introduces himself and his deep interest in Blades and Drivers. He also reveals he is creating an artificial Blade, after a failed attempt to resonate with a Core Crystal left him with a nosebleed that lasted three days.

An Ironclad Plan

Poppi's activation

Rex helps Tora gather the missing parts for the Blade, which Tora names Poppi. In the process, Rex also hears rumors that Nia and Dromarch are being held captive in the docked Titan Battleship and are scheduled to be executed the following day. Rex, Pyra, Tora, and Poppi decide to sneak into the Titan Battleship and rescue the two.

Not Actually Gonna Execute Her

The four manage to rescue Nia and Dromarch, and escape the ship. Just before the exit, they are confronted by Dughall and his Blade. Upon their defeat, Nia learns from Rex about the rumors of her execution, but reveals that the Ardainians were planning on taking her back to their empire alive. Nia then realizes someone set a trap for Rex and Pyra, and her fears are confirmed when Brighid and Mòrag, who is revealed to be her Driver, confront the team just outside the ship.

ULTRA Powerful / Her Flames Hide Something Deeper

Mòrag attacks

In their encounter, Mòrag reveals to Rex the history of the Aegis. Five hundred years prior, the Aegis was said to have single-handedly destroyed three continents, and Mòrag plans to prevent such a calamity from repeating. Rex then accuses Mòrag of wanting to use Pyra as a weapon in the war and confronts Mòrag in battle. Mòrag easily subdues the team, but Rex, remembering Brighid's weakness to water, manages to position Mòrag such that when she deflects Rex and Pyra's fire attack, she inadvertently topples a water tank, incapacitating Brighid and allowing Rex and his companions to escape Torigoth.

Outside of Torigoth, Nia decides to part ways with Rex, but Rex, stating his intentions of going to Elysium and how such a land could ease the current strife, manages to sway Nia into reverting her decision.

Chapter 3: Our Own War

Well Met by Akhos

Jin and Malos return to their base and are greeted by Akhos and his Blade. The three discover Nia and Dromarch now traveling with the Aegis, as well as a shipment of Core Crystals heading for Indol. Jin decides to deal with the shipment, allowing Akhos to deal with Aegis.

While Gormott is the closest Titan to the World Tree, Rex and the team realize they have no way of getting to the tree, as all the ships are under Ardainian control. Tora then remembers that his grandfather's friend Umon lives on the other side of Gormott and could supply a ship for the team. The team then travels to Umon's Shipyard, and after helping Umon finish and track down the ship, head off for the World Tree.

Depart for the World Tree

Ophion in the Cloud Sea

The team finds the World Tree in the middle of a small, but untraversable cloudless chasm. Pyra detects something wrong and tells Rex to quickly pilot the ship away. The ship is then attacked by the serpentine Ophion. Pyra attempts to calm the beast telepathically but her attempts prove futile. As they attempt to escape Ophion, the team encounter the titan Uraya, who proceeds to swallow the team and their ship.

Enter Vandham

Rex and Pyra fight Vandham

The team survives the event, but find themselves unable to escape the inside of Uraya. They decide to venture into Uraya to find a way out, and soon come across three Drivers: Vandham, alongside his Blade Roc and companions Yew and Zuo. Vandham attempts to talk Rex into handing over Pyra, but Rex's refusal prompts a battle between the two. During the battle, Rex starts to overuse Pyra's abilities, pushing her to exhaustion and allowing Vandham to gain the upper hand. However, Pyra then realizes that Vandham has no malicious intent and merely wanted to have a fight with the Aegis. Vandham then brings the group to Garfont Village, where he reveals his status as a mercenary.

Bound for the Blowhole / Strange Biology / Burden of Memory

Vandham then offers Rex to join him on his next job: investigating an energy anomaly near the blowhole of the Titan. Rex agrees, and the team eventually stumbles upon an Arachno that managed to resonate with a Blade. The team manages to slay the Arachno and find the source of the energy effect: a dying Titan. Through these events, Rex learns more about the backstory of the Blades. Core Crystals actually originate from the death of Titans. A Blade's existence is tied to its Core Crystal and thus may never be destroyed. However, upon the death of its Driver, a Blade reverts to its Core Crystal and cannot be reactivated for some time. When it is reactivated by another Driver, the Blade loses all memories of its former Driver. Rex then remembers that Pyra already had an animate form when they first met and wonders if her original Driver is still alive.

Pain Shared, Destiny Entwined

Akhos and Obrona

The team returns to Garfont, and Vandham learns of how Pyra gave part of her life to Rex. He also realizes that this means any injuries inflicted on one are also apparent on the other. When Rex explains their quest for Elysium, they are interrupted by the arrival of Akhos and Obrona. Vandham recognizes that Akhos is a member of Torna and resolves to help Rex in battle. Rex is ultimately overpowered by Akhos, who proceeds to attack Pyra. When he realizes that any damage inflicted on Pyra is also felt by Rex, he realizes Pyra may have, as a result, become mortal, and attempts to incapacitate her. However, Vandham and Roc manage to thwart Akhos, churning a whirlwind that leaves Akhos unable to use his usual fighting style. Akhos and Obrona retreat, and Pyra's injuries are treated.

Difficult Conversation / Watching From the Shadows / Bringer of Chaos

Zeke and Pandoria arrive

Luckily, Pyra is able to recover with some rest, during which Vandham muses to Rex on how the former is not much different from Akhos, as both are fighting for their ideals, as well as how justice is only an excuse for war, and the nature of power. After Pyra's recovery, Nia attempts to explain her history with Akhos and Torna to Vandham, but Vandham cuts her off, stating that her current alliance with Rex is all that matters. Vandham then offers to take the team to the Urayan capital to meet with a friend who can help them reach Elysium. As they leave, they are confronted by Zeke and his Blade Pandoria, though the two quickly disappear after they accidentally destroy the part of the cliff they were standing on.

The scene then cuts to Jin, who manages to easily slay the soldiers on the ship to Indol and send the ship crashing into the Cloud Sea.

Rampant Tensions in Fonsa Myma / Spoils of War

Rex and his companions eventually reach the Urayan capital Fonsa Myma. There, they learn of the rations that have been issued as a consequence of the conflict with the Ardainians. They witness a soldier forcibly take a young girl's rations, and after defeating the soldier in combat, learn that the girl, named Iona, is cared for by Vandham's aforementioned friend.

Trip to the Theater

The group then heads for the theater, as Vandham's friend turns out to be the leader of the theater troupe. They watch a dramatization of the Aegis War, the war that occurred five hundred years before. The war was fought between the people of Alrest and the forces of darkness. The people of Alrest were led by a hero named Addam, who sent a plea to the Architect for help. The Architect responded with the Aegis, and the combined power of Addam and the Aegis overcame the forces of darkness, though at the cost of sinking all the continents into the Cloud Sea. After the play, Nia comments to Rex how painful it must be for Pyra to watch a play about her history, though Pyra seems only to care about the impressive stage effects.



The group then meet with Cole, whom Vandham knows from their combat experiences. Cole learns about how Rex is now Pyra's Driver and their plan to go to Elysium. Cole comments that with Ophion guarding the World Tree, approaching will be virtually impossible. Nevertheless, he is aware of one person who managed to climb to the top of the World Tree and reach Elysium. He offers to introduce the team to this person, but first requests time to converse with the Aegis privately.

In their conversation, Cole, whom Pyra addresses by his original name Minoth, apologizes for any bad memories rekindled by the play, and cautions Pyra not to unleash the power that destroyed the continents in the Aegis War, as the world might not survive a second attack. Minoth then looks for a present he planned for the team, but is stopped by his old weakening body. The team decides to retire at the inn for the night, though Minoth requests that they return the next day.

Surprise Visit

After the team leaves the theater, Minoth is visited by Akhos and Malos, who offer to rejuvenate him for a cost. Minoth refuses, though the prospect intrigues the eavesdropping Iona, who is subsequently detected and held hostage by Torna. Malos then informs Pyra of Iona's hostage situation through a dream, and tells Pyra to meet him at the place she first awakened.

Soon afterwards, the team learn of Iona's kidnapping and Pyra's disappearance, and Minoth realizes how the two events are related. He deduces that Pyra must be heading for Olethro Ruins, which is where Addam first met and awakened her in the ancient war.

Confrontation / Exit Vandham, Enter Mythra

Mythra awakens

At Olethro Ruins, Akhos and Malos manage to overpower the party, and Akhos disrupts the ether flow in the area to incapacitate the Blades. However, Vandham impales himself with his dual scythes, allowing him to channel the ether despite Akhos's disruption. Vandham then manages to gain the upper hand over Akhos and Malos, and warns Rex to flee from the area. Rex refuses to leave Vandham, though Akhos and Malos ultimately manage to defeat and kill the latter. In the following skirmish, Akhos reveals the ultimate plan of Jin and, by extension, Torna: they plan to wipe humankind from existence, with Malos citing the species's lust for war (evidenced by the battleships in Fonsa Myma preparing for war with the Ardainians) as justification. In a desperate final attempt, Pyra ends up summoning her alter ego/sister, Mythra, who destroys Akhos and Malos's Blades, forcing the two to retreat.

Chapter 4: Aegis

Swooping Artifice

The chapter opens with a flashback to the Aegis War. In one battle, Mythra unleashes tremendous power to defeat an attack from the forces of darkness, but in the process destroys a village as survivors of the attack watch helplessly.

Vandham is given a burial and funeral at the Olethro Ruins, as Azurda notes that it is the tradition of the mercenaries that they be interred at the site of their demise. The burial is attended by the party, as well as Cole and Iona. Rex, Nia and Tora then confront Pyra about her other personality, but as Pyra attempts to explain, Mythra suddenly takes control. She proceeds to berate Rex and his stubborness and inability, as while she created Pyra to avoid unleashing the power that destroyed the continents in the ancient war, Rex's refusal to flee at Vandham's command forced her to reawaken, potentially putting Alrest in danger of her destructive powers. She then promptly returns control to Pyra, much to the latter's frustration.

The memory of Addam resonating with Mythra

Pyra then explains her backstory, revealing that there are two Aegis: her and Malos. Long ago, a man managed to climb the World-Tree in his search for Elysium. However, he found the top of the Tree empty, so he took two Core Crystals (one emerald and one black) back to Alrest as proof of his accomplishment. Later, he resonated with the black Crystal, awakening Malos, who then assaulted the world of Alrest. To counter Malos, Addam, a hero from the now-lost Kingdom of Torna, awakened Mythra, who confronted Malos in battle. Mythra ultimately won the Aegis War, but three Titans were lost in the conflict. To avoid another such calamity, she created a much less powerful personality, Pyra, who viewed Mythra as a sister. Pyra then entered a deep slumber aboard the Ancient Ship, while Addam sealed her chamber and plunged the ship deep into the Cloud Sea to prevent her from reawakening. Pyra then reveals that she and Mythra plan on returning to Elysium in order to finish Malos once and for all. Pyra apologizes to Rex for Mythra's behavior earlier that day, though Rex encourages her not to feel too guilty, as Mythra's comments were not without merit. After Rex leaves to help Tora on Poppi, Azurda comments to Pyra on Rex's happy-go-lucky spirit, apparently not unlike Addam.

The Route to Indol

As the party plans to depart, Cole gives Rex a Blade weapon, telling him to find its owner in Indol. Rex then realizes that Cole is the Blade tied to said weapon, but is cursed to be a Flesh Eater. Before the war, experiments were undertaken to combine Blades with human cells in hopes of creating Blades with unique powers. However the process was rarely successful, with many Blades ending up like Cole, physically aging and losing their immortality. Cole, having fought in the Aegis War, tells Rex that his Driver would be able to help the party reach Elysium. Rex requests that Cole write a play on Vandham's life to serve as an inspiration for others and to show it to the party after their return from Elysium, and Cole agrees.

The Stolen Core Crystal / Storming the Thieves' Hideout / Avenge Our Village

After settling things with the Garfont Mercenaries, which Vandham willed to Rex, the party plans their trip to Indol, with Rex deciding to transfer through the Argentum Trade Guild and then the Empire of Mor Ardain. Unfortunately, their plans are sidetracked when a young Gormotti (later introduced as Rhys) steals Rex's bag, which included Roc's Core Crystal. The party's pursuit eventually leads them back to Umon's Shipyard on Gormott, where Rex manages to retrieve Roc. The party then learns that Rhys hails from Cordell Village, a small settlement on the outskirts of Gormott. The village was sacked by bandits, killing most of the villagers. Rhys planned on using Roc to avenge those killed, unaware of the dangers that come with attempting to become a Driver. One of Rhys's companions then reports that, with Dughall eliminated from consul, the bandits are planning on attacking Torigoth next. Rex decides to confront the bandits at their hideout, asking Rhys to tell the inhabitants of Torigoth that the perpetrators of the water tank incident would be at the hideout.

Landing in Mor Ardain / Muimui Did Say

Muimui, an old colleague

After dealing with the bandits and bringing Rhys and his companions back to Argentum, the group continues on to Mor Ardain. Upon arriving at the empire's capital, they come across Muimui, a Nopon lab assistant to Professor Soosoo, Tora's deceased grandfather, and Tatazo, Tora's father. Tora inquires if Muimui knows of Tatazo's whereabouts, but Muimui replies in the negative, saying he was away when the lab was attacked, and only returned to find Soosoo's body. However, Muimui does give them a location of an inn run by a friend of his, as an apology for interrupting the group's trip.

Secret in the Springs / Tragedy of Tora, Mòrag Reappears / Working Together With Mòrag

Lila, the prototype artificial Blade

When the girls are in the inn's hot springs, Mythra discovers a secret about Nia, but Nia asks her to keep it from Rex. As the party settles in, they are disturbed by a loud noise, so they decide to investigate. Before they do so, Mythra insists on working with Rex, as her power is different than Pyra's, and he needed to learn to how to use them effectively. The group manages to find the source of the disturbance, an artificial Blade attacking Ardainian soldiers. Once they corner it, Tora recognizes it as Lila, the artificial Blade that was being built by his father and grandfather. Lila however manages to escape. Tora recalls that on the day the lab was attacked, he had escaped with a completed ether furnace and the blueprints for making artificial Blades. At the time though, Lila was incomplete, meaning whoever was using her must have taken Tora's father and forced him into completing her, and by extension, he was still alive.

Mòrag and Brighid reappear

Before the group were able to consider the implications, they are attacked by Mòrag and Brighid, as the inquisitor believed that Poppi was responsible for the earlier attacks. Luckily for Rex and his allies, Niranira, a Nopon member of the Argentum Guild's Intelligence Division, arrives at the scene to clear Poppi's name. He had been shadowing Rex's group ever since they arrived in Mor Ardain, as they had made use of a Guild's transport in their travels. Mòrag apologizes for her mistake, and ask the group for their assistance in the investigation.

Esteemed Merchant's Involvement

By looking into purchases of materials used in artificial Blade construction, Rex and the others discovers the existence of an old factory where the buyers are taking the material to. Rex and the others report back to Mòrag, before traveling to the factory, reencountering Zeke along the way. Inside the factory they find artificial Blades being manufactured and Tora's father Tatazo being forced to oversee production. Tora and Tatazo have a heartfelt reunion, but they are interrupted by Muimui. Muimui reveals his complicity in the laboratory attack, and that he lured Rex's group to the factory, all for acquiring the ether furnace in Poppi, as it was based on Professor Soosoo's more advanced designs. After Muimui's Tirkin grunts fail to subdue the party, Bana appears with Lila in tow to berate Muimui for his failures. Bana has previously established the factory with Senator Roderich's backing, but instead of selling the finished goods to Mor Ardain, he is selling them to Torna first. Bana orders Lila to attack the group so he can acquire Poppi and the Aegis.

Lila's Masterpon... / Birth Of A Marvelous New Blade


After the party defeats Lila and helps her free herself from Bana and Muimui's control, the two Nopon escape to the entrance of the factory, prompting a pursuit by Rex and Nia while Tora and Poppi tend to the weakening Lila. In the heart of the factory, the Nopon reveal Rosa, an artificial Blade made from Tatazo's blueprints scaled to be over twice the height of Rex. Initially overpowered, Rex and Nia are saved by Tora and Poppi, now upgraded after absorbing energy from Lila's unique ether furnace. The party easily defeats Rosa, knocking out Muimui, but Bana tries to escape. When the party catches up, Rex makes Bana promise to stop creating artificial Blades, lest he get handed over to Mòrag.

Patroka and Mikhail / Goddess of the Praetorium

Fan La Norne uses her powers

Though Bana initially agrees to the conditions, he is interrupted by Mikhail and Patroka, two Tornan Drivers. The duo overwhelms the party, with Nia remarking that, given their prowess, the duo is essentially a small army. Though she cannot use the power indoors without risking total destruction of the surroundings, Mythra notices a very specific place where she can revert Mikhail and Patroka's Blades to Core Crystals. With the help of Mòrag, the party forces the duo to the spot, where Mythra unleashes her abilities. Enraged at the loss of her Blade, Patroka begins to emit a red aura, but is stopped by Fan la Norne, prompting Mikhail to grab Patroka and retreat, having docked the Monoceros directly under the factory.

The scene then switches to Jin, who enters a chamber housing a girl, Lora, in stasis. He assures her that her time is approaching.

Chapter 5: Masters and Slaves

Addam Spars With Lora

Addam and Lora spar

The chapter opens with a flashback to five hundred years prior. Addam and Lora are seen sparring in their camp, each using their Blades Mythra and Haze, respectively. Their duel is cut short by Jin, as their meal is ready. They are then joined by Brighid, having returned from a mission with her Driver, presumably the Emperor of Mor Ardain as he is referred to as "His Majesty". (This assumption is confirmed in Torna ~ The Golden Country where the Driver is actually Hugo.) Mythra and Haze comment on the natural affinity between a Blade and Driver, while Addam believes he has yet to unlock Mythra's potential. Addam then suggests sparring with Jin, as he is rumored to be the strongest man in Torna, though Jin expresses a distaste for fighting. A soldier then enters, reporting that Malos is targeting the capital.

Fan la Norne introduces herself as a convoy from the Indoline Praetorium, and that Praetor Amalthus, who overlooks all Drivers and Blades, seeks an audience with Mythra's Driver. Fan la Norne then reveals that Amalthus is the Driver for both Malos and Cole, prompting Rex to agree to a meeting with Amalthus. The party, now including Mòrag, departs with Fan for Indol.

On the voyage to Indol, Mythra recognizes Fan as Haze, but realizes that she no longer remembers that name, and is now Amalthus's Blade. Pyra and Mythra notice that Fan's resonance is not like normal Blade resonance or even their resonance with Rex.

Judicium Titan Weapon

Mikhail and Patroka return to Jin, where Mikhail reports their recent endeavours. Mikhail then asserts that Fan la Norne must be Haze. Akhos reports on the situation in Temperantia, where the Ardainians appear to have excavated Judicium technology. Jin resolves to travel to Temperantia to buy Torna some time.

Fonsett Homecoming / Meeting the Parents

Rex brings Pyra to his parents' graves

Due to geographical constraints with the Cloud Sea, Fan decides to dock in the Leftherian Archipelago and travel on foot to another envoy on the other side of the area. Rex, being a Leftherian, offers to lead the way and takes the party to his hometown of Fonsett Village. There, they are greeted by Corinne, who offers to take them in for the night. Rex and Pyra then go to the Oratory Knoll Cemetery, where his parents are interred, and Rex tells his deceased parents about their mission to find Elysium.

Enough Loss for One Life

Back in town, Corinne reveals Rex's backstory to Pyra. When he was two years old, Rex washed up onto the Leftherian Archipelago with his parents. His father died before making it to Fonsett, while his mother only survived long enough to entrust Rex into Corinne's care. Pyra realizes how much Rex has suffered and, given her tragic identity as the Aegis, wonders if it is best that she not be with Rex. Unbeknownst to the two of them, Brighid eavesdrops on the conversation.

Bringer of Chaos, Round Three / Special Envoy...of Chaos?

Zeke and Pandoria reveal themselves as envoys to Indol

The party then heads off for Indol, and are greeted by Zeke in front of the convoy. Zeke then surprises the party with a strong attack, before Mòrag identifies him as the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Tantal. After the party defeats him, Zeke reveals he has been working as a special envoy from Indol to test the Aegis and her Driver. He originally was going to finish after just their initial meeting but was plagued with bad luck (evidenced by the guardrail behind him giving way immediately after he leans on it, sending him into the Cloud Sea).

"No More Blades, No More War"

The party then arrives in Indol, where they find a group of Gormotti refugees protesting against the use of Blades. Zeke, having caught up to the party through unknown means, reveals that Indol is responsible for the distribution of Core Crystals to other nations; thus the Gormotti refugees likely believe that Indol controls war itself.

You Remind Her Of Him A Lot

Brighid shows Pyra her diary

After settling in, Rex asks Pyra to tell him more about Addam, to which she replies that though she was only created shortly before her slumber, Mythra calls Addam the most heroic person she is met, and that Rex reminds her a lot of him. The next morning, Rex and Nia find Fan la Norne contemplating a mural depicting the creation of Alrest. Fan knows that she existed at that time, but laments that she has lost all memories of the time, to which Rex suggests that she talk to Mythra. In her room, Pyra is greeted by Brighid, who reveals that she has kept her memories in a diary and thus can "recall" much of her past. Brighid remarks that many Blades attempt to keep diaries, as their memories are wiped after the death of each Driver, but those diaries are often lost between Drivers, with Brighid being lucky as she was passed down as an imperial treasure. She then advises the Aegis to tell Rex her entire backstory, as to further repress it would only delay the emotional pain and undermine the trust between Blades and their Drivers that Mythra emphasized so strongly 500 years ago.

What Was Taken From God's Land

When the party meets with Praetor Amalthus, who is revealed to be the one who climbed the World Tree and obtained the Aegis Core Crystals, Rex reveals their intentions to reach Elysium to help resolve conflicts involving the dying Titans. Amalthus remarks that he used to think like Rex, before he climbed the World Tree. During the conversation, Rex begins to sense Malos and sees Amalthus flicker between himself and Malos's appearance, but has trouble determining what is going on. Amalthus requests a private talk with Pyra to reminisce about the Aegis War, and Rex consents.

During their conversation, Mythra confronts Amalthus, as he would never have allowed others to go to Elysium before. Amalthus states that he believes someone can reach the Architect and save their world, and wants to believe Rex can fulfill that destiny.

Lighting the Fuse / Mòrag Leaps Into Action / Mòrag Grills Roderich

Jin arrives on Temperantia and after infiltrating the Ardainian excavation site, is impressed by how resistant the Judicium weapon was to time. He then activates the weapon and wipes out much of the Urayan troops stationed on Temperantia.

Word of the "Ardainian" attack reaches Indol, and Mòrag confronts Senator Roderich, the leader of the pro-war movement in Mor Ardain. When Roderich reveals he did not authorize the attack, the party suspects Tornan involvement and heads to Temperantia to investigate. Zeke, knowing that Torna is likely involved, joins the party.

The Titan Weapon Advances

On Temperantia, the party finds the Judicium Titan rampaging towards the Urayan military. Although Rex suggests an assault on the Titan, Mòrag warns that the beast is extremely volatile, as evidenced when one exploded earlier during excavation. Nevertheless, the only way of subduing the beast is to cut the ether cords, so the party plans to ascend the beast as Fan la Norne tries to restrain it.

Jin Alights

After disabling the defence mechanism on the beast, the party is confronted by Jin. Mythra questions why Jin, who was a pacifist during the Aegis War, would be set on his current goals, to which Jin replies by accusing Mythra of being his catalyst, having sank the Kingdom of Torna during the Aegis War and causing the death of Lora. Jin then reveals himself to be a Blade, though with an unnatural blood-like Core Crystal.

Be Free Now / Touch and Go

Jin stabs Fan

Though Fan la Norne attempts to weaken Jin, he is still able to battle, ultimately destroying Fan's crystal and "setting her free". As she dies, her final gestures remind Jin of Lora's death, and he distances himself to steel himself. He then expresses anger over the fleeting nature of Blade memories, and how they cannot pass down their memories like humans. Essentially, he claims, these characteristics have allowed humans to enslave Blades, which motivated him to become his current self. He states that if the party had seen the last state of humanity, they would understand his rationale. Just as he is about to assault the party, his crystal starts reacting, incapacitating him. Akhos arrives, and he and Jin escape as the beast's defence mechanism is briefly reactivated. After the battle, Rex laments how he, despite now being a Driver of the Aegis, is still as weak and useless as before, being unable to save Fan's life. Unfortunately for Rex and the others, the destruction caused by the Titan weapon sparked immediate tension with Uraya, which is halted only by the arrival of the Indol Titan.

Chapter 6: Wounds

Jin and Lora's Resonance

Jin resonates with Lora

The chapter starts with a flashback explaining how Jin and Lora first met. Lora, then ten years old, took a Core Crystal and resonated with it, summoning Jin. Furious at her for wasting a Crystal that took him three years to obtain, a man prepares to kill Lora, despite pleas from Lora's mother. Right before he delivers the blow, he is struck down by Jin, who promises to protect Lora.

Jin is taken back to the Tornan headquarters, where he recovers and is greeted by Malos. Malos begins to muse philosophically about how he and Jin seem to be losing their former selves, to which Jin remarks that they may not be so different from humans after all.

The Rulers' Congress

In an effort to ease the conflict, a ceasefire is announced, and the leaders of each nation, Queen Raqura of Uraya and Emperor Niall of Ardain are summoned, along with Zeke and Niranira, representing Tantal and Argentum, respectively, to act as neutral parties, as well as Mythra.

At the meeting with all the nation's rulers, Raqura is initially skeptical of Niall's claim that the attack was not authorized by imperial decree, and even more suspicious of the idea that the Aegis Malos was involved. Ultimately, she is convinced by Zeke and Mythra, who serve as witnesses to the event. Mythra then notes that Malos is still recovering from his wounds from the Aegis War, but should he reach Elysium, he could recover fully and repeat the calamities from five hundred years ago. Amalthus then regretfully confirms the legend that he was the one who awoke Malos and unleashed him on the world. To prevent a repeat of the War, he blocked the path to the World Tree, but with the return of Malos, now may be the time to lift that restriction.

Outside, Patroka and Mikhail consider the possibility of disposing of the nations' rulers, since they are all in one place and it would save them a lot of later hassle. However, Akhos reminds them that Jin does not want to destroy humankind immediately. Instead, once the path to the World Tree is opened, they would simultaneously destroy both humanity and the Architect.

Fan's Funeral / Servant of the Aegis / Ancestors of Us Tantalese

Fan's funeral

After the meeting, Mythra and Amalthus converse. During their coversation, Mythra asks Amalthus why he resonated with Haze, to which Amalthus stated that she was of great use in repelling attacks from Torna. Mythra then finds it unusual that the organization is using the name of a lost kingdom and is unsatisfied by Amalthus's suggestion that it was merely out of Jin's loyalty/nostalgia for the nation.

Fan, whom the Indoline regarded as a Goddess, is given a state funeral, which Rex, Mythra, Nia and Dromarch attend. Mythra and Nia note that Fan is still in her Blade form, not reverted to a Core Crystal. Mythra is further perplexed, as she is certain Fan is not a Flesh Eater like Cole. She also notes that Fan's crystal is not the shape it was during the Aegis War, having changed from a diamond to a triangle. Even if she were in the same situation as Mythra/Pyra, having given part of their life to Rex, her Crystal would not have changed the way it does.

After the funeral, Amalthus tasks Rex as a special envoy to Tantal. Amalthus reminds Rex of Ophion, the serpent that prevented their initial attempt on the World Tree. Mythra notes that Ophion, one of the legendary Artifices, had been felled during the Aegis War, but Amalthus reveals its resurrection, along with the creation of the Great Void around the World Tree, was among the measures taken to prevent attempts to climb the World Tree. According to Zeke, the royal family guards the Omega Fetter, the only item capable of subduing the serpent. Zeke later reveals that the Tantalese are descendants of Addam, who, after sealing the Aegis, founded the Kingdom of Tantal. The legend is known to very few and is only evidenced by the Tantalese royal emblem. The next day, the party leaves for Tantal, though they joke that Zeke's luck will doom them all.

Ac...quiescence / Bana's New Scheme / Fire Dragons: Cooks, not Crooks

Niall and Raqura plan to discuss further terms aboard the Titan Battleship regarding the Temperantia attack. Unfortunately, Niranira enters bearing news of Bana's assassination plot. Mòrag requests the rest of the party to deal with the conspiracy, asking them to do so covertly to avoid public chaos. After talking to people in Indol, Rex deduces that Bana is preparing to poison the food for the meeting, using Tirkins to do so. Unfortunately, the conclusion soon turns out to be incorrect, as Pupunin hired the Tirkins, or world-famous Fire Dragons, for the event. Immediately thereafter, an explosion occurs in the Hangar of the Titan Battleship.

Giga Rosa Makes an Entrance / Niall's "Passing"

It turns out that Bana made upgrades to the giant Blade model from before, resulting in Giga Rosa. He plans to kill Raqura, thus sparking further war between Uraya and Mor Ardain and allowing Argentum to profit, but when Rex and his friends, including Mòrag and Niall, appear, Bana decides to destroy them all. Unfortunately, this backfires, as the party easily disposes of Giga Rosa.

Niall attempts to stop Bana

In one final attempt to further his plan, Bana triggers explosives planted in Giga Rosa. Niall instructs his Blade Aegaeon to protect everyone, but accidentally gets too far to be within the protective barrier. The explosives detonate, critically injuring Niall, to the point where Aegaeon reverts to his Core Crystal. Nia instructs Dromarch to distract everyone, before secretly reviving Niall. In the process, Nia reveals a multicolored Core Crystal in the middle of her chest.

The next day, Niall tasks Mòrag with guarding the Aegis and the Driver on their trip to Tantal, having cleared it with Amalthus. Mòrag is reluctant to leave Niall's side but, after being reminded by her brother of her power and that she should not let it go to waste, consents. Before Mòrag's departure, Niall gifts her with Aegaeon's Core Crystal, as his previous recklessness, he believed, showed how unfit he was to be a Driver.

As they return to Uraya, Raqura evaluates the situation of the Aegis's awakening. She notes that the calamity of the Aegis War may repeat itself, believing this is the reason Niall assigned Mòrag to accompany Rex.

Tantal, the Snow-White Kingdom

Pandoria summons Genbu

The party soon leaves for Tantal. During the course of the trip, Pandoria reveals that Zeke is an outcast from Tantal. The Kingdom of Tantal has very strict border policies, but Zeke continued to journey out of Tantal out of pleasure, prompting the king to disown Zeke at age 15. Zeke then traveled Alrest, before Amalthus found him in critical condition and brought him to Indol. Zeke expresses hope that he is allowed back to his homeland, especially considering the awakening of the Aegis and a need to break Tantal's isolationist stance.

Upon reaching their location, Zeke and Pandoria reveal that Genbu, the Titan on which Tantal is located, spends most of its time submerged under the Cloud Sea. Pandoria summons the Titan to the surface, before warning the party of Tantal's cold climate.

First Steps into the Palace / The Aegis Must Be Destroyed

The party eventually arrives in the capital city Theosoir and the royal Theoscaldia Palace. As they enter, Mòrag begins to harbor a suspicion about the scene and asks for Tora's aid.

King Eulogimenos

Her suspicions are confirmed when King Eulogimenos destroys the letter sent from Praetor Amalthus. Eulogimenos then imprisons Rex, Nia, Tora and Mòrag, while seizing Pyra. In addition, he disrupts the surrounding ether, incapacitating all the Blades. When confronted by Zeke, Eulogimenos admits he plans on destroying the Aegis for the good of Alrest, before revealing their family's legacy.

In their prison chamber, Mòrag reveals that she had planned for the situation. Although most Blades depend on the surrounding ether, Poppi can store ether in her furnace. She and Tora then help Poppi blast open their chamber, and the party heads below the palace to rescue Pyra. Along the way, Zeke reunites with the group.

For the Sake of This World / Tantal's Dark Secret

Rex and his friends eventually find Pyra and discover that Eulogimenos plans to kill her using an ether accelerator. After battling through the guards, Zeke manages to stall the accelerator, while Poppi angles the accelerator so that it misses Pyra, before Zeke frees her from her shackles.

The recording of Addam

Eulogimenos then reveals that Addam disappeared following the end of the Aegis War. Though Tantal formed from the remains from Torna, the royal family does not descend from Addam. Eulogimenos suggests Addam perished on his return from sealing the Aegis, but Pyra reveals that he actually chose not to return. She then presents a holographic projection of Addam, which had been created the day she was sealed. In the projection, Addam acknowledges the seal on the Aegis is not eternal, and entrusts her to posterity when she awakens. In a brief flashback to the day Pyra was sealed, Addam states that his plan is essentially a trial for humanity. Unless humans and Blades can live alongside each other, the world does not deserve the Aegis.

The blast from the ether accelerator, unfortunately, manages to hit the Omega Fetter, interfering with Pandoria's ability to communicate with Genbu. The Titan begins to dive deep into the Cloud Sea, and is at risk of imploding after three hours, which would kill everyone in Tantal. As the Omega Fetter was how Pyra/Mythra controlled Ophion during the Aegis War, Pyra believes she can repair the device, so Rex and his friends head to the location of the device while Eulogimenos evacuates the Tantalese.

The Last State of Humanity

As the party leaves Theosoir, Mòrag expresses further suspicion towards Eulogimenos. She suspects that there are more secrets the king is hiding, given how he bitterly rejected the message from Indol. She suspects a deep grudge between Tantal and Indol, while Dromarch suggests it may be connected to Torna fighting under the old kingdom's name. Rex further posits a connection to Jin's remark on the last state of humanity, referring to the histories, leading Pyra to wonder if she should not have been sealed away.

Artifices, Weapons of the Aegis

Near the head of Genbu, where the Omega Fetter is stored, the party then happens upon a battlefield from the Aegis War. Pyra then reveals how both Mythra and Malos utilized Artifices, powerful weapons designed for the Aegises, during the Aegis War. Mythra utilized Ophion and Siren, the latter of which is the source of the beams that reverted the Tornan Blades to their Core Crystals. Each Artifice is connected to a weapon stored in Elysium. Pyra then admits she knows very little about Elysium, her only memory of the place being the townscape where she met Rex.

The Struggle for the Fetter / Jin's True Form / The Taking of Pyra

Mythra repairs the Fetter

Eventually, the party finds the Omega Fetter, which Mythra manages to repair. As they leave, however, they are confronted by Akhos, Mikhail and Patroka, who reveal themselves to be Flesh Eaters like Cole. Though the party manages to defeat the trio, Jin and Malos arrive before Zeke can incapacitate them. Jin then reveals his true form, in which he can control the elements and move at the speed of light. He manages to defeat most of the party, nullify Mythra's Foresight, and even neutralize a beam attack from Siren.

Jin's true form

Jin proceeds to defeat Rex completely shattering Mythra's sword knocking him and Mythra down. The party is then pinned down by artificial blades. However, just as Jin is about to kill Rex and retrieve the Core Crystal in his chest, Pyra intervenes. She manages to control Siren and have it focus its targeting laser on her. She warns Jin that unless he spares Rex and the others, she will increase the power on the targeting laser, annihilating her with particles at the speed of light. As Torna needs the Aegis alive for their plans, Jin relents on the condition that Pyra opens the way to Elysium for them. As Pyra takes the Omega Fetter and collapses, Jin berates Rex for failing to care for the well-being of his own Blade. Torna then leaves with Pyra, as Rex calls out in desperation, before collapsing offscreen.

Chapter 7: The Fear She Carries

The Doll in Sight of the Throne

The chapter opens with flashing scenes of a dark room, before a door to the nearby chamber opens.

Amalthus receives word of the events in Tantal. He authorizes a ceremony to begin. From the bottom of Indol, an emerald glow emerges.

Brighid slaps Rex

Two days after the abduction of Pyra, Rex, recovered at Anastatia's, but devastated by his complete defeat at the hands of Jin, decides to leave the party, believing that he cannot possibly win against someone of Jin's caliber. His announcement infuriates the party, particularly Nia and Brighid, who berate him for the decision, as he is ignoring the amount of pain Pyra put herself through in order to help Rex. Brighid brings up Pyra's conversation with Corinne in particular, when the former wondered if it was best that she be separated from Rex for his sake. Poppi lashes out as well, saying that this was not the Rex she knew. The tirade is cut short by a summon for Rex from Eulogimenos.

The Third Aegis Sword

Eulogimenos talk history

Eulogimenos reveals the complete history of Tantal in regards to their Tornan background. After the Aegis War, an internal clash occured in Torna. Some believed in Addam's ideal for humans, Blades and Titans to coexist as equals. Others, however, preferred to have humans serve as masters to the Blades and Titans, essentially enslaving the latter two. Amidst the chaos, a group of Tornans on the counter-Addam side took advantage of Addam's disappearance. They obtained the Omega Fetter, claimed to be of Addam's lineage, and united the nation under the counter-Addam ideals. The group then established themselves as the first members of the Tantalese royal family, before sending Genbu deep into the Cloud Sea to hide their secret.

Unfortunately, Indol knew of Tantal's secret and proceeded to use it as blackmail. In order to protect their secret, Tantal had to send regular shipments of Core Chips to Indol. As Core Chips are essential to every nation's military, this would allow Indol to expand their influence. However, prolonged submersion in the Cloud Sea led to harsh cold, failing crops, and overall destitute in Tantal. In the correspondence Rex delivered from Indol, Amalthus requested Tantal to hand over the Omega Fetter or Indol will reveal their secret. Fear that Indol would use the Omega Fetter and Aegis against Tantal was what led Eulogimenos to attempt the eradication of Pyra/Mythra.

The third sword is sealed away

Eulogimenos then reveals a possible path forward by suggesting how unusual it is that Jin, a normal Blade, was able to outmatch Mythra, the legendary Aegis. While Rex has wielded two Aegis Swords, one for Pyra and one for Mythra, Eulogimenos presents one of Tantal's histories, which describes a third sword. This third sword is said to be the Aegis's true sword. Addam was unable to wield the power during the Aegis War, and sealed it away along with the Aegis. Eulogimenos suggests the search begin in the Leftherian Archipelago, the last place mentioned in the history. He also entrusts Zeke to look out for Rex, confident in the latter's ability to unlock the Aegis's power.

In their headquarters, Akhos and Malos contemplate the unconscious Pyra. Akhos wonders why Pyra would have sacrificed herself, given how she shares her life force with Rex, but Malos reveals that, as the Aegis can survive briefly without a Core Crystal, she likely would have transferred the remainder of hers to Rex, allowing him to survive despite her annihilation.

The Village of Hero's Rest / The Village Guardian's Secret

At Fonsett, Azurda reveals that he was tasked by Addam to guard the third Aegis Sword from outsiders. He also discloses Fonsett's other name, Hero's Rest. He directs the party to the shrine to the Village Guardian, where Rex finds a seal that can only be broken by a Leftherian. When he unlocks it, he realizes this was the reason Torna needed a Leftherian when they first sought the Aegis. The shrine sinks into the ground, revealing a passageway to the Spirit Crucible Elpys. Azurda also discloses that after rumors of the sword surfaced, many have entered the Spirit Crucible, but none have returned.

At a location near the Great Void, Malos confronts Pyra, claiming to seek revenge for the Aegis War. He reveals his fractured Aegis crystal, and plans to regenerate it by sapping Pyra's.

Sapped Strength / Three Cheers for Nopon Know-How

As the party descends into Elpys, the Blades begin to detect anomalies in the surrounding environment. Azurda confirms their suspicions; the air in the cave contains particles that can absorb energy from Blades. Nevertheless, the Blades, particularly Pandoria, insist on staying with the party.

Zeke, You Don't Look So Good

Soon, the ether-absorbing particles take their toll, but surprisingly, Zeke begins to suffer. Zeke then reveals a Core Crystal in his left chest and explains how he became involved with Indol. After fleeing from Tantal, Zeke developed life-threatening injuries, possibly from battle. He apologized to Pandoria for being an incapable Driver and wishes her better luck with her next Driver. Pandoria, unwilling to revert to her Crystal and lose memories of their ten years together, tries to carry Zeke to safety, but falls unconscious as well. Luckily, Amalthus happens upon the two shortly before Pandoria blacks out, and he extracts part of Pandoria's Core Crystal and implants it into Zeke, making him a "Blade Eater", as Zeke puts it.

Emergency Air / Her Life Is Tied To Yours

Soon afterwards, Nia also begins to feel exhausted, so Mòrag suggests to Rex that they rest for a while. Rex gives Nia an air tank to help her recuperate. Over the course of the remaining journey, Nia reveals her backstory. She grew up in an upper class Gormotti family with her father and sister. Unfortunately, her sister contracted severe medical conditions, prompting their father to desperately search for a cure, losing their upper class status in the process. Nia's sister never recovered, and died during the family's wandering.

Nia resonates with Dromarch

Following her sister's death, Nia lost her father shortly afterwards as well. After mourning, Nia discovers her father's Core Crystal and manages to awaken Dromarch from it. Unfortunately, the two were soon being pursued and eventually, captured by Indol. She was eventually freed from her prison by Jin, who took care of her and made her a member of Torna.

A Familiar Seal / Burdened No Longer

Nia reveals that she is a Blade

The party eventually reaches the heart of Elpys, where they find another one of Addam's seals. However, they are soon attacked by the Phantasms, dark apparitions of Addam serving as the last guardians to the sword. The party attempts to drive back the endless waves of Phantasms, but are eventually overwhelmed, and Rex is nearly dealt a fatal blow. Nia, distraught by the losses she is faced (her sister, Vandham, Fan la Norne, etc.), refuses to let the party suffer another loss and reveals her true self: a Flesh Eater. With Nia's unleashed powers, the party manages to drive back all the Phantasms. Just before they disappear, Rex finds himself back in the townscape where he met Pyra, this time with Addam at the tree. Addam commends Rex for his selflessness and determination, and deems him worthy of the third Aegis Sword. Rex returns to Elpys, where he finds the sword on a pedestal. As he wields the sword, he experiences two visions: the first of the destruction of the world and the second of the mysterious room from the beginning of the chapter. As soon as these visions finish, the sword dissolves, to the annoyance of the party. Nevertheless, Rex, unfazed, announces he is ready to rescue Pyra/Mythra.

A Rotting Titan...Pyra's There / Cliffs of Morytha, Where Titans Rot / Malos Restored, Rampaging Ophion

Malos steals Pyra's memories

Back in Fonsett, Rex deduces Pyra's location from his visions: a Titan near the Great Void. Mòrag and Dromarch identify the Titan as the Cliffs of Morytha, and Mòrag manages to chart an Ardainian royal vessel to take them there.

Malos, in the process of restoring his crystal, begins to steal Pyra's memories of Rex, despite Pyra's pleadings. Ultimately, Malos manages to restore his crystal entirely and claims the Omega Fetter for himself. Unexpectedly, Ophion turns out to have an autonomous defense mechanism, nearly obliterating Malos and Jin.

Malos's Black Sword / The Place Where I Belong Is Here

Nia uses her powers

At the Cliffs of Morytha, Rex and his friends run into Malos, now with his Core Crystal complete and wielding a Monado-like sword. Malos reveals that Pyra has likely perished from the repair process, but Rex points out that his life force is intertwined with hers and he is still alive. Malos then tries to blast the party, which they narrowly dodge. When Zeke tries to attack Malos, the latter unleashes his power to destroy anything that comes within his dark sphere of influence. However, Nia, no longer hiding her identity as a Flesh Eater, unleashes her power to restore anything Malos destroys. As the party confronts Malos, he begins to gain an advantage over Nia, but after help from Rex, she manages to use her ultimate power: the ability to alter cell replication in any living being. She successfully infects Malos, who is driven off the ledge.

Stand With Me One More Time!

Continuing up the Titan, Rex eventually finds Jin, along with an unconscious Pyra. Malos also arrives, having survived their previous encounter. After unsuccessfully trying to wake Pyra, Rex realizes how foolish he has been. He had desperately tried to walk the same path as the Aegis, even though they were not meant to be together. Nevertheless, he resolved to take Pyra and Mythra to Elysium, and in the process of doing so, learned what it means to be Driver and Blade, which takes Jin by surprise.

Rex, Pyra, Mythra and...

Pyra and Mythra beg Rex to let them die

After getting fed up with Nia's healing powers, Malos and Jin chill the battlefield to near absolute zero. With Nia incapacitated as a Blade, the duo easily overpowers the party, though Rex manages to hold his own against Jin. As he fights, Pyra and Mythra use the last of their powers to communicate with Rex. They try to persuade him into giving up on them, with Pyra admitting that the reason for going to Elysium was to ask the Architect to end them, freeing Alrest from the sorrows that they wrought. Rex remains adamant about reaching Elysium, and he reminds them of his promise to accompany them to Elysium, a promise he intends to keep whatever the cost.

Suddenly Rex finds himself in a room with a giant mech, in front of which stand Pyra and Mythra. Rex helps them awaken, and obtains the third Aegis Sword, an emerald saber made almost entirely of light. Pyra/Mythra also awaken Pneuma, their true form, with emerald hair and chrome armor studded with emerald lights. Rex also gains a suit of similarly designed armor, before they challenge Jin and Malos once again.

Siren Vs. Ophion

Pneuma awakens

With Pyra/Mythra's true form, Rex is able to match Jin's speed and outmatches him easily. However, just as they are on the verge of victory, Rex notices a sense of grief from Jin and backs down, despite Jin warning him of the difficulties that could result otherwise. Malos then reveals Torna's full plan. They plan to destroy humankind, the world, and the Architect. Malos claims his destiny is to activate Aion, the strongest Artifice, and fulfill his role as the Endbringer, destroyer of all. He then summons Ophion to attack the party. Though Pyra/Mythra summons Siren to defend against Ophion, the two Artifices' battle destroys the platform, sending the party into the Great Void.

Chapter 8: World Tree

Together with Rex / Coffee and Milk

Mythra wakes beside Rex

The chapter starts with Pyra and Mythra under the tree near Elysium. The church bells from Elysium have stopped, but something is still ringing. Pyra and Mythra decide it is time to return to Rex.

Mythra wakes up next to Rex, and they find themselves under the Cloud Sea, in the Land of Morytha, a ruined city next to the roots of the World Tree. As they search for a way out, Rex tells Mythra of everything that has happened since Torna abducted her. Rex asks about their third form, to which Mythra replies that the form is both of them simultaneously.

Desperate Jin / Jin the Flesh Eater

Rex and Mythra eventually run into Jin, defending himself against a Guldo. With Jin seriously injured, Rex knocks the Guldo unconscious, but the Guldo recovers. Luckily, Brighid, Poppi and Azurda arrive, and Brighid burns the Guldo, destroying it.

Jin falls unconscious from the battle, but Rex manages to persuade Mythra to heal him. Mythra reveals to Brighid that as the Aegis, she can process information from any Blade. In the process of healing Jin, she realizes that he is a Flesh Eater, as he has a human heart. When Jin recovers, he recalls Mythra's name, as he never returned to his Core Crystal. Rex reminds Mythra that Jin fought with her against Malos, and Mythra confronts Jin on why he now sides with their previous enemy. Though Jin insists knowing the answer would destroy Mythra, she deduces that Lora lives inside him. Rex warns Jin they plan to reach Elysium and not to get in their way. Jin then reveals that Morytha is the birthplace of the Architect, according to Malos.

A Promise

Brighid confronts Jin about her history and asks him if her journal contains the truth about her identity, to which Jin replies that she is nothing like the Brighid from 500 years ago. After Brighid and Poppi press him on the previous Brighid, he recalls the day Lora was officially pronounced a Tornan Driver.

Mythra and Poppi make a promise

Later, as everyone else sleeps, Poppi and Mythra ponder the civilization that used to live in Morytha. Mythra notes that humans from all eons are similar, that though the civilization of Morytha achieved great technological advancements, their hubris led to their own downfall. This remark strikes fear in Poppi, who, being an artificial Blade and thus a technological marvel, worries that she may one day attack the world. Poppi asks Mythra to promise to destroy her should that threat ever emerge. Mythra agrees, but asks Poppi for a favor in return. Poppi agrees, though Mythra asks for some time to consider her request.

Torna's Titan

After the party fights their way though more Guldos, Rex and Mythra begin to wonder who the Architect is and how amazing their society must have been, to which Jin scoffs, pointing out humanity's natural hubris and how it dooms the species. Rex confronts him about his hatred towards humans, but when Jin begins to respond, he is cut short when he sees the Tornan Titan in the distance.

Akhos, Patroka, Mikhail and Akhos are seen trying to pilot the Monoceros below the Cloud Sea. Though the pressure on the ship begins to approach critical levels, the ship manages to reach the Land of Morytha.

Unborn Blades

Rex and Jin find themselves in the matrix, or womb, of the Tornan Titan. There, Jin and Mythra reveal the full life cycle of the Blade. Blades are born from Titans, who grow Core Crystals. Blades are not immortal, but instead return to their parent after a long period of time, after which they become Titans themselves, though with no memory of their existence as Blades. In ancient times, the Tornans worshipped this life cycle, but this harmony was broken after the Aegis War and Mythra's subsequent disappearance.

Lora's death

Jin then reveals that despite his initial accusations against Mythra, it was actually Indol, under Amalthus's rule, that destroyed Torna. The Indoline assault on Torna is also revealed to be how Lora died. After shielding Jin from a blast, Lora suffers fatal injuries. As she dies, Lora reveals that for her kind, being forgotten is worse then being dead. Lora wishes Jin luck with his next Driver, but Jin refuses to forget his time with Lora. He consumes Lora, becoming a Flesh Eater to preserve his memory of her, before eliminating the Indoline pursuing them.

Pyra views this story as confirmation of her belief that she should not have disappeared from Alrest. Jin explains that Amalthus feared the power of the Aegis, but would not have acted differently if she had not disappeared, due to his nature and that Amalthus wants to use the Architects power to destroy everything. Rex points out the hypocrisy in Jin's analysis, given Torna's goals, but believes that Jin's ultimate reason is something different. Jin denies Rex's claim, stating that he is tired of Blades being used as tools by humans. Their conversation is interrupted by another Guldo, which Jin sees as a testament to mankind's hubris.

Bolt from the Blue / Nameplate

Rex is then united with Mòrag, Nia, Tora and Zeke, who assist in defeating the Guldo. After the Guldo is defeated, Rex finds a human ID card on the monster, to his disbelief.

In camp, the party expresses concerns about teaming up with Jin. Eventually, they all consent, though Mòrag warns that she will being taking Jin into Ardainian custody after their ordeal is over. However, they are interrupted by the arrival of the Monoceros and Torna, intent on destroying the party. Jin orders them not to fire, and disrupts the ship when Patroka tries to disobey his command. Jin then boards the ship, abandoning the party, prompting the latter to hurry up the World Tree. But before leaving, he tells Brighid that she is the same Blade from 500 years ago.

Death Throes of a Titan

In Hardhaigh Palace, Niall receives reports of recent measures to improve the survivability of Mor Ardain. Some of his subjects suggest moving the capital to Gormott, but Niall refuses, as Dughall was recalled fairly recently, and the emperor does not wish to introduce any chaos.

Rex and the party reach the roots of the World Tree and find that with Ophion released from its duty, the Great Void has now disappeared. However, Pyra leads the party to the inside of the World Tree, where they discover it is a technological structure, as shown when Pyra/Mythra's true form summons an elevator. When asked how she knew to call the elevator, Pyra admits she was unsure, as her body seemed to move purely by instinct.

A Promise Kept

Lora's body

After Jin recovers from his wounds on the Monoceros, he acknowledges that his actions would have definitely earned Lora's disapproval, but persists due to his promise. Jin also relays to Malos his discovery of the Tornan Titan. He then reminisces about how Addam wished for Blades to live with humans, but realizes that in reality, they have been living for humans. He ridicules his past self for having faith in the Architect, with Lora's body suspended aboard the Monoceros as a reminder of such ridiculous thoughts.

Amalthus's Ambition / What the World Tree Really Is

As Rex and his friends ascend the World Tree, Rex begins to ponder about what Jin told him about Amalthus's history. Amalthus seems to hate Blades and humans, and he would realize that destroying Torna would also destroy the Blades inside it. Rex reasons that, given the amount of hate Amalthus feels, it would make sense if he wished to destroy the world. Rex then relates Amalthus to Malos, both in that talking to Amalthus for the first time felt like talking to Malos and that both would have the same goals.

In Indol, Amalthus reminisces on his childhood. He and his mother were being pursued by a group of men. His mother saved him by hiding him in a ditch, before diverting the men elsewhere. When Amalthus climbed out, he found the men asleep in their camp, with his mother's corpse. Amalthus laid his mother's body to rest, before stoning her killers.

Indol fights the Marsanes

The Indoline Titan turns out to be voyaging through the Cloud Sea. On board the Marsanes (Monoceros), Torna discovers that Indol has traveled to the World Tree. Indol then begins to assault the Marsanes with large-scale ether lasers and the Indoline militia. In a counterattack effort, Akhos activates the cannons and the Blade Bots. Mikhail reviews Torna's plan with Jin: the Marsanes can only take Jin and Malos to the outside of the Tree, after which the two will disembark and venture inside the Tree on their own.

Malos and Amalthus / Power of the Praetor

Eventually, the party finds the Marsanes and Indol in battle with each other. Mòrag realizes that Indol anticipated Torna's attempt to ascend the World Tree, leading to the assault on the battleship.

As the factions battle, more is revealed about Amalthus's backstory. After Amalthus awakened Malos, the latter protects the former from advancing troops. Later, Malos reveals that he has regained all his powers, and is planning to leave Amalthus. As an Aegis, he would be able to remain living even if Amalthus were to perish. Malos then announces his plan to destroy humanity, rhetorically asking Amalthus if that was what he wanted and why he climbed the World Tree in the first place. After Malos leaves, Amalthus begins seeking a Driver for the second Aegis, planning to have them force Malos back under his control.

Amalthus creates a hologram of himself

Back in the present, Amalthus finds Rex on the World Tree. He sends his subjects to order Rex and Mythra to strike down the Marsanes. When Rex refuses, defeating Amalthus's subjects in the process, Amalthus appears before the party and chastises them for their defiance. He also reveals himself as a Blade Eater, having absorbed half of Fan la Norne's Crystal. Amalthus also points out the green vortex swirling above Indol and reveals its purpose: with both Fan's power and his power as the Driver of an Aegis, Amalthus can use the vortex to subdue any Blade, including Mythra. From Mythra, he summons the Siren, but Mythra resists enough such that the blast scrapes the Marsanes, instead of a direct hit.

The Marsanes manages to reach the World Tree, and Jin and Malos depart. Akhos, Patroka and Mikhail are tasked with safeguarding the ship, as their status as Flesh Eaters (impure Blades) prevents Amalthus from controlling them.

Amalthus lashes out at the party for their continued defiance, and once again tries to summon Siren to attack the Marsanes. When Mythra resists, claiming Rex to be her Driver, Azurda realizes that, as a Master Driver, Rex is capable of matching Amalthus in ability. With this knowledge, Rex is able to summon a intense beam, which is revealed to be coming from a giant structure similar to an Aegis Core Crystal, and free his party's Blades from Amalthus's control. In addition, Torna's Blade Bots successfully destroy one of the pillars that sustains the vortex. Though weakened in the his power's range, Amalthus is still able to use his ultimate power: the ability to control the Titans. He summons Mor Ardain and has it unleash a powerful beam attack on the World Tree.

Chapter 9: Rain

The World That You Intended

In the past, a young Amalthus travels across Alrest, spreading his teachings and caring for the wounded. As he travels, he comes across a house with a crying child. When he enters, he finds a bandit, having already searched the house, about to kill the child. He intervenes and recognizes the bandit as one of the wounded that he had treated. Amalthus then kills the bandit and tends to the infant. As he leaves, he gazes towards the World Tree.

"O Architect! Is this the world that you intended?"
– Amalthus

The blast from Mor Ardain narrowly misses Rex's group, and they pinpoint its source, to Mòrag's disbelief. On Mor Ardain, Niall discovers that the Titan has arrived at the World Tree. Both Niall and Azurda realize that, given how close Mor Ardain is to its death, any more ether blasts would make the Titan unable to support itself, and it would collapse under its own weight. The Titan then fires at the Marsanes, and Uraya arrives on the scene shortly afterwards. Mikhail, fearing the worst, orders Akhos and Patroka to disembark and accompany Jin and Malos, while he would command the Marsanes himself. As the two leave, Mikhail professes his love for Patroka, much to her ire.

The Marsanes' combat form

Mikhail then transforms the Marsanes into a miniature mechanical Titan and begins to directly assault Indol. Zeke sees an opportunity and tells Rex to chase after Jin. Though Rex is concerned about the Titans, Mòrag reminds him to focus on what is in their capabilities, adding that she has faith in her brother's capabilities as the Emperor of Mor Ardain.

Mor Ardain Under Fire

Mor Ardain unleashes another attack at the Marsanes. In retaliation, Mikhail fires an ether beam at Mor Ardain, prompting Niall to issue an evacuation order to Alba Cavanich. He permits the use of all ships, including his private vessels, before sending his wishes to Mòrag to save the world.

In Indol, Amalthus marvels at how the Torna organization was able to reanimate ancient Tornan technology. Assuming Mikhail to be a Flesh Eater, Amalthus tries to exert his control over him. However, Mikhail reveals he is not a Flesh Eater, but a Blade Eater. Though Amalthus insists such technology is unavailable outside Indol, Mikhail reminds the Praetor of their history. Before Amalthus implanted Fan la Norne's crystal, he used the technology to heal refugees from Torna during the Aegis War, with a young Mikhail being one of them. Later, Amalthus tried to purge the refugees, but Mikhail managed to survive and escape the genocide. As the Marsanes physically pummels Indol, Mikhail notices the fleeing Gormotti refugees, realizing that Amalthus had not changed since the Aegis War, with no refugee evacuation effort prior to the attack.

Genbu appears

As Mikhail slams Indol into the World Tree, Amalthus manages to summon Genbu as well. Mòrag deduces that Amalthus is frustrated with being denied the Aegises. Rex realizes that the vortex is how Amalthus is exerting his powers, and by destroying the pillars, they can dampen Amalthus's powers. Though Indol and the Marsanes are moving too much for Mythra to get a clear shot, Pyra suggests that they get close to the Titan, at which point Rex can use Pyra/Mythra's third form to slow down time enough for Mythra to target the pillars.

Surgical Strike

Mikhail recalls meeting Lora

The party manages to reach a dock jutting out from the World Tree, and Poppi flies Rex and Mythra towards Indol. Amalthus, realizing their intentions, orders Indol to do everything to prevent them from approaching the vortex. Though they find Indol protected by a barrier, they are nonetheless able to destroy the pillars, freeing the Titans from Amalthus's control. Enraged, Amalthus fires a beam from Indol at the party, but they are saved by Mikhail. Mikhail tells them to pursue Jin and Malos as quickly as possible. Though Mikhail developed a hatred of humans following Amalthus's purge, Rex and his group remind him of old Torna, where he was with people he loved. Mikhail asks Rex if he has found his answer. When Rex affirms, Mikhail tells him to find Jin and relay that answer.

Indol prepares the final attack on the Marsanes, and Mikhail recounts how he first met Jin. As the sole survivor of an attack on his village, Lora and Jin found him and took him into the Addam's camp. As Mikhail's death and Lora's ultimate destruction approaches, the former apologizes to Jin for having to leave Alrest early, before the Marsanes is obliterated in a massive explosion.

Who Is Weak and Who Is Not

Zeke recalls a conversation with Amalthus

Zeke recounts his conversations with Amalthus shortly after he became a Blade Eater. Amalthus asks Zeke what the latter sees in the refugees. Zeke says he sees people struggling, not unlike on the other Titans. However, he sees no sense in killing the refugees, as killing is only for the weak-minded. When Amalthus muses that this thought would make him the weakest of them all, he reveals his dislike for the world.

Zeke then asks Rex about his opinions on the world. Rex affirms his love for the world as it is; though there are things that are not the best they could be, life is about accepting the bad parts along with the good parts.

Told To Wait

Malos bids Jin goodbye

Jin and Malos approach the top of the World Tree, where Jin tells Malos to continue up himself. Though Malos reminds Jin they promised to fulfill their goal together, Jin sees an apparition of Lora and decides to wait for Rex's arrival. Malos gives his final regards before heading to the top of the World Tree.

In the past, an old man recognizes Jin as a Blade to someone named Ornelia, who was in a coalition known as the Territorial Defence Corps. The old man expresses his gratitude to Jin for saving his village, before revealing that Ornelia's house is still in the outskirts of the town. When Jin and Lora arrive at the house, Jin finds a picture of him with Ornelia and her group, as well as his diary. In it, he discovers the coalition was in a war for independence 90 years prior to the Aegis War, and that Ornelia perished soon after the war was finished. He also reads about his past self's search for his true identity, as well as a method for becoming a Flesh Eater. Shocked by the idea, Jin lies to Lora, claiming to not have remembered anything from his past.

"I am...who I am. I do not change."
– Jin

When Rex arrives, Jin reveals to Rex he wanted to see if the world would choose Rex or Malos. When Mythra tells Jin to let them pass, as Jin would still be too weakened from their journey through Morytha. Though Jin affirms Mythra's suspicions, he tells her of his promise to Malos, to take any measures necessary to ensure Torna's goal. Jin then transforms into his true form and engages Rex in battle.

Agent of the Architect's Will

As they battle, Jin questions Rex's intentions, as opening Elysium seems to only bring about its destruction. Jin claims that, given enough time, humanity would transform Elysium into another Morytha, just like what happened to Torna after the Aegis War. Even though Rex can prevent it from happening in his lifetime, Jin sees the outcome as inevitable. However, Rex sees the Blades' existence as a way to preventing this from happening. Humans cease to exist upon their death, but their memories are passed down, just like how Blades are passed down from Driver to Driver, eventually becoming the Titans that sustain human life and the creation of new Blades. Rex admits he feels envious of Blades such as Jin, Pyra and Mythra, and would like to ask the Architect why such people exist, though he believes he already knows the answer.

Jin faces a changed Amalthus

As the battle takes its toll on Jin, Akhos and Patroka arrive. Though Patroka tries to defend Jin, he tells her to stand down, as they have done everything they can do. Patroka asks Nia to help heal Jin, and Nia agrees. Patroka tells Akhos to watch Jin, while she goes to prepare Jin for the treatment. Unfortunately, she is stabbed by a glowing blue tendril, which kills her. The tendril is revealed to be part of Amalthus, having absorbed Core Crystals to become a monstrous creature with glowing blue orbs and tendrils. He absorbs Patroka's Crystal, claiming that the Architect created Blades for Amalthus to raise, with all the information that is contained in each one. Amalthus reveals this to be the reason for the cleansing procedures, which culminated in this battle form. Amalthus also claims himself to be an agent of the Architect's will. Though the party accuses Amalthus of megalomania, Amalthus claims that the destruction of the world is the duty of the Aegis. Pyra/Mythra realizes that Malos's intentions to destroy the world stem directly from Amalthus, whose beliefs tainted Malos. Amalthus expresses indifference, as humanity never changes, citing the situation in Morytha as proof. However, Rex challenges this belief, asserting that Amalthus is who would never change, and is actively opposed to everyone who tries to, as shown in the assault he unleashed on Torna after the Aegis War. Amalthus responds to the challenge, as changing would cause him to lose everything, including his identity. Zeke chimes in, using Amalthus's belief as proof of his weak self, and calls the Praetor the weakest of them all.

Akhos mourns Patroka's death and recalls how they first met Jin. Akhos and Patroka were Blades to two Tantalese siblings, and as such, Akhos viewed Patroka as his sister, especially after the two became Flesh Eaters through their respective Drivers. They were later found and captured by Indoline soldiers, but Jin rescued them before they were transported. Jin questioned if it is wise to cling on the the past, to which Akhos replied that it is better than nothing, as living for Patroka gave him a reason to continue. Jin notes his similarities to them and offers to take them into Torna.

Akhos attacks Amalthus

In grief and anger at the loss of Patroka, Akhos attacks Amalthus, but is easily overpowered, as one of the tendrils constricts around Akhos. Rex and the party assaults Amalthus, but Amalthus chides them, wondering why humans would ever side with Blades. He laughs at Zeke's response about the affinity between humans and Blades as he rips out Akhos's Core Crystal, sending the latter into a painful death. Enraged by Akhos's death, Jin prepares to lash out at Amalthus, but Rex tells him not to overexert himself, as Amalthus should still be vulnerable to human attacks. When Jin retorts with his Flesh Eater status, Rex counters by telling him to take care of his human side, before the party battles Amalthus.

I Lived As You Wanted

Despite Rex seemingly gaining the upper hand, Amalthus refuses to disappear until he has met the Architect and eradicated Alrest. He then binds to the World Tree itself, before continuing his attacks. He first targets Jin, aiming to extract his core as well, but Rex and Mythra intervene. Rex is critically injured, and Jin orders Nia to take care of the two. Nia asks Jin why he let her join Rex and did not kill her, to which Jin replies that he recognized that Nia would become the Blade of someone she trusted, drawing parallels with his time with Lora. Jin tells Rex to stop Malos, who is still seeking his own identity, before impaling Amalthus with a blizzard of ice spears, killing him.

Jin recalls being recruited by Malos

As he dies, Amalthus, still deluded by his megalomania, cries out to the Architect for forsaking him. Zeke recounts another conversation he had with Amalthus: Amalthus draws a comparison of Pandoria trying to save Zeke to his own mother, and Zeke wonders someone with so much hatred could seem so sad in one moment. In his final moments, Amalthus sees a glowing apparition of his mother. Having spent the last of his energy, Jin also collapses, before dissolving in a golden light. As the light dissipates, Azurda commends Jin for his experiences.

Centuries earlier in a rainstorm, Malos finds a cloaked and dejected Jin in an alley. He notes that Jin has lost his Driver, and relates to the experience, before offering a hand. Jin slowly looks up at Malos, before hesitantly reaching out for his hand.

Final Chapter: And thus, boy met girl.

The Birth of a Universe

The First Low Orbit Station

Year 20XX - The Beanstalk, First Low Orbit Station: Rhadamanthus.

The space station finds itself defending a vicious attack from outside assailants known as the Saviorites. Though they fight valiantly, Rhadamanthus suffers heavy losses, particularly in their arsenal of Echelon Siren mechs. Just as the Saviorites are about to secure the space elevator, the director of the station authorizes the use of their ultimate weapon, Aion, and orders the preparation of the Conduit. However, the station finds themselves locked out of the Conduit by Klaus, a professor on board.

Klaus, a scientist

Klaus begins to synchronize the Conduit to the station's computer, preparing his experiment to create a new universe. His colleague Galea tries to stop him, but Klaus remains adamant. He calls the Conduit a gateway to other worlds and a gift from a divine entity. He claims a new universe is the only way to stop the battle with the Saviorites, given how they have ravaged both their planet and the sky around the station, and calls humanity fools. Klaus proceeds with his experiment; a beam of light flies around the Earth, enveloping it, before the structure and the planet explode.

At the Endpoint

At the top of the World Tree, Rex finds himself in a space station, with a magnificent view of both the stars and the Cloud Sea. Suddenly, Rex hears the bells from Pyra's memory of Elysium, and they head off to find the source.

In a dark and spacious room, Malos finds the Architect, a wizened old man, who addresses him as Logos. The Architect reveals that everything Malos experienced has been passed on to him, including Torna's objectives. Though Malos tries to kill the Architect, the latter also reveals he is fading, and that there is no need to rush the inevitable. Malos questions whether the choice to destroy the world is truly his own, which the Architect responds that Malos made the choice he made together with someone. As Malos leaves, the Architect detects the arrival of the other Aegis.

Reaching Elysium / Paradise, Lost

The ruins of Elysium

Rex and Pyra arrive at the hill in Pyra's memories, only to be greeted by the lifeless ruins of the paradise. Instead of the green pastures and flowing water of Pyra's memories, the entire area is deserted and uninhabited, with no plant life and all the buildings in ruin. As the party ventures into the city, they note the similarities between the desert landscape and Morytha, including the evidence of previous human life. Mòrag notes how vast the area is, as it is possible to fit all of Alrest's population with room to spare.

Ruined Church, Silenced Bell / Beneath the Church, Friends Gone

The party eventually reaches the chapel where the bells were ringing. When they enter, they are greeted by the Architect, who opens a path under the altar. Once they descend, however, Rex discovers that everyone has vanished. He tries to search for them, but winds up in what appears to be various areas he traveled to in his journeys. He first finds the Ardainian army running past him, as well as countless skulls surrounding where he lay. As he runs away in fright, he finds himself in Torigoth, where he is confronted by Nia and Dromarch, furious at Rex for lying to them about Elysium. After fighting, Rex then runs into Mòrag and Brighid at Alba Cavanich, infuriated by how he led them on such a long journey as the Ardainians suffered from the war with Uraya and the arrival of Mor Ardain's death. Rex then runs into Tora, Poppi, Zeke and Pandoria on the Cliffs of Morytha, each expressing extreme jealousy for Rex's status as a Master Driver.

Memories of This Planet

The Architect

In his battle with Tora and Zeke, Rex manages to pin them under rubble, but as he tries to rescue them, he finds himself transported onto adult Azurda, where he once again witnesses the Titan's death from before he met Pyra. Azurda begins to muse nihilistically, wondering about the point of everything, as Blades are born, live countless lives, become Titans, then wander the world endlessly until their eventual death. The comments trouble Rex, who finds himself unable to respond.

Rex then finds himself in Fonsett, where Pyra and Mythra greet him. However, he finds Mythra and Pyra's personalities to be almost entirely swapped. The sudden change in everyone's personalities takes its toll on Rex, who ultimately breaks down in confusion. Pyra and Mythra, realizing the emotional damage Rex is suffering, asks the Architect to end the trial.

Suddenly, Rex finds himself back with his party, and realizes that everyone underwent similar experiences. The Architect announces he was testing their hearts, before revealing himself to the group. He also introduces himself as Klaus, the same person who destroyed the previous world. Klaus identifies their trials as alternate paths their lives could have taken, as well as fears they secretly harbored, and admits that he wanted to see how humanity had changed. He then reveals the backstory of Alrest.

The Conduit

Klaus first describes his old universe, and how it was in humanity's nature to harbor desires. Such was the case with Klaus, but he also lost hope in the species. When he found the Conduit, he realized it was a gateway to parallel universes, each normally unaware of the others' existences. Klaus activated the Conduit, opening gates to parallel universes in an effort to change his own. In the process, most of the planet and civilization was transported to other universes; only what would become Morytha remained, along with the right half of Klaus's body. His left half lives on in another universe, but Klaus could tell that his demise in that world was fast approaching. He blames everything on his past foolishness and describes his current state as punishment, being denied both the solution he sought and the state of oblivion in which he could forget.

In an effort for atonement, Klaus became determined to recreate his previous home. He first created particles that could both restore and disassemble matter, which collected into the Cloud Sea. As the Cloud Sea dissolved previous civilization, Klaus then recreated life in the form of Core Crystals, which contained information of previous lifeforms. The Core Crystals then bonded with the Cloud Sea, giving rise to Titans, and eventually evolution would lead to new forms of humanity. However, Klaus was also aware of the possibility that history could repeat itself, giving rise to another who would destroy the world in their own quests. To prevent this, he created Blades. He started with the three cores of Rhadamanthus's Trinity Processor, giving rise to three Aegises: Ontos, Logos and Pneuma. Ontos disappeared into another dimension, while Logos and Pneuma became Malos and Pyra/Mythra, respectively. Other Blades would constantly relay information of their surroundings to the Aegises, including the environment and any emotions experienced. Simultaneously, evolutionary information would be sent to the Core Crystals to influence future Blades and Titans. Over time, these processes would allow the new humans to replace the humans of the old world.

The two remaining Aegis cores

Over time, Klaus realized that his creations differed very little from the humanity they replaced. Like their predecessors, humans sought answers for why things happen the way they do. Klaus wonders if that search is part of being human, and his realization of these similarities also influenced him. He ultimately prevented himself from intervening when Amalthus absconded with Logos and Pneuma. He only watched as Malos unleashed his fury on the world, seeking to destroy it. When Rex asks why he chose inaction, Klaus replies that he realized his atonement efforts were fated to fail. While Klaus lost faith in his efforts afterwards, he found Rex's bond with Pneuma reassuring. And the Conduit has began stirring once more and with its help the world might change.

As Klaus and Rex converse, Malos begins his assault on Alrest. Klaus reminds Rex that Malos is merely an information processor, and is inundated with Amalthus's ideals. He gives Pneuma authorization to Elysium's controls, before sending Rex to defeat Malos. Klaus then reveals that once he fades, the Conduit, which is also the source of the Aegises' power, will likely vanish from their universe as well. As Rex leaves, Klaus affirms that he is glad they have met. As Rex leaves, Klaus reminisces about his past self, hoping to one day face Galea again.

Rex, Pneuma, and the party head for Malos, as he prepares to activate Aion, the most powerful of the Artifices.

Words Can Be a Curse

In the Aion Hangar, Rex confronts Malos on his actions, questioning whether the choice to destroy the world is Malos's or Amalthus's. Malos admits his intentions to have stemmed from Jin, having lost everything but his life when they met. Malos, undeterred by Rex's pleads, then activates Aion, while unleashing the station's arsenal of Sirens and other Artifices upon Alrest, and confronts the party one last time.

To Find a Way Forward

During their battle, Malos questions why Rex is so persistent in his efforts to save the world. Rex responds, telling Malos of Jin's final words and how the former leader of Torna never wanted to die, but was trying to connect with Malos. When Malos confronts Rex on how the latter could forgive Jin so easily, Rex replies that though forgiveness is difficult, such was the best way to go on in the world.

In the other universe, Shulk prepares to deliver the final blow to Zanza. Klaus, realizing that his end is nigh, tells Rex to hurry.

The Last Gift

Malos dies

Rex and Pneuma prove triumphant, and manage to cleave Aion in two, sending Malos out of the Artifice as it explodes. The Conduit begins to disappear, and Klaus gives Alrest his final gift as he dissolves with the Conduit.

The end of Aion also brings the Sirens attacking Alrest to a halt. As Malos dies, he acknowledges Rex's prowess and wishes to have met him sooner, though he admits he could only have been the Blade of one Driver. As Malos disappears, Mòrag remarks that Malos has finally found a meaning to his life.

The disappearance of the Conduit unfortunately destabilizes Elysium, and the entire structure begins to collapse. While Rhadamanthus and the ring around the planet would either go into orbit or be flung out into space in a gravitational slingshot, the World Tree would fall onto Alrest, destroying it in the process. When Rex asks for how to save Alrest, Pneuma hesitates, then says there is one way. She directs the party to a chamber, where they would fire booster rockets that can send the World Tree on a different trajectory, missing Alrest and flying out of the planet's gravity well.

As the party sets out to fire the rockets, Pneuma asks Poppi and Azurda to wait up. She then asks Poppi for a favor, but Poppi and Azurda are taken aback by her request. Poppi initially finds herself unable to accept the request, but when Pneuma reminds her of the promise they made in Morytha, she reluctantly accepts. Pneuma then sends information to Azurda's core before the two catch up to Rex.

Rex no longer needs Pyra's core to live

When Rex reaches the room in question, the party realizes that Pneuma sent them to a port with escape pods. Pneuma blocks the exit from the port, admitting that she had intentionally lied to him for the first time. She reveals that the only way to save Alrest is to destroy the World Tree using the last of Aion's power, while the party would have to distance themselves from the World Tree as much as possible. Unfortunately, the process would also involve Pneuma sacrificing herself. Rex finds himself unable to part with Pneuma, trying to get over to Pneuma to be with her until the end. When his anchor fails, he tries to ask Poppi to fly him over. Poppi painfully refuses, revealing that Pneuma knew he would ask Poppi and made her promise not to help him. The party then persuades Rex to listen to Pneuma, as such sacrifices are part of growing up. Pneuma transfers the rest of her Crystal to Rex allowing him to live on without her. The complete crystal go dim and fall out of Rex's chest, reverting him from his Master Driver outfit to his Salvager outfit.

Azurda flies above an empty ocean

As Rex and the party escapes, Pneuma activates Aion and destroys the station in a blinding light. The atmospheric compression and debris rips apart Rex's escape pod, but Azurda is able to return to his Titan form, saving the party. As they descend down to the planet, they find the Cloud Sea dissipated and the Titans gone. All that remains is the Land of Morytha. Azurda flies through a rift, past which they find themselves soaring above a vast ocean. They then find the Titans in the water, where they merge with an unknown landmass. The party realizes what Klaus meant by restoring the world as the new continent emerges. Rex realizes they have found a true Elysium as shooting stars from the Beanstalk appear above the sky.

Pyra and Mythra both appear

As the party marvels at their new world, the Aegis core begins to glow once more. As it returns to its original state, it shoots up a green beam of light, and Pyra and Mythra both appear on Azurda in separate bodies. Surprised by Pyra and Mythra's return, Poppi runs to embrace the two as the rest of the party look on. After a moment Nia gives Rex a push, and he steps toward the two Blades.

"And thus, boy met girl."
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