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Xenoblade Chronicles X Collector's Guide is an English-language strategy guide for Xenoblade Chronicles X. It was released in North America, the UK, and Australia. In North America it was released on the same date as the game. The publisher has stated that it will only have a single print run. An electronic edition is also be available.

According to the publisher the guide will include a detailed walkthrough of the game, tips for customizing the player's character and Skell, combat tactics, and "all the secrets in the game".

In addition to the hardcover book, the Collector's Guide includes a microfiber screen-cleaning cloth with Xenoblade Chronicles X artwork and free access to the electronic edition of the Guide.


The Guide's table of contents is as follows:

Title Page
Foreword and Introduction 2
A Primer for Prospective Citizens of Mira 8
The World of Mira 40
Characters 50
The Miran Unification Quest 88
    Prologue: Awakening 91
    Chapter 1: New Los Angeles 95
    Chapter 2: The New Frontier 98
    Chapter 3: Builders of a Legacy 102
    Chapter 4: The Ganglion Menace 110
    Chapter 5: Ma-Non Maneuvers 116
    Chapter 6: Dark Matters 120
    Chapter 7: Treachery 123
    Chapter 8: The Gathering Storm 127
    Chapter 9: Warriors of Wroth 134
    Chapter 10: The Zu Pharg Menace 141
    Chapter 11: Consequences 144
    Chapter 12: Into the Core 148
    Affinity Missions 156
    Normal Missions 278
    Basic Missions 302
    Secret Files 332
    Mission Checklist 348
    Map Segment Contents 350
    FrontierNav Connections and Resource Data 366
    Collectopedia Entries 369
    Collectopedia Locations 380
    Enemy Index 385
    Achievements 502
Social 508

In addition, the Guide has tabs printed at the edge of each page to aid in finding a particular section. These mostly correspond to the major sections of the book, and are labelled as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Primer
  • The World of Mira
  • Characters
  • Story Walkthrough
  • Affinity Missions
  • Normal / Basic Missions
  • Data
  • Achievements
  • Social


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