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Decisions agreed up by the community of editors on Xenoblade Wiki are recorded here for easy reference.

Age-inappropriate content

Keywords: age, censorship, cursing, offensive language, swearing
Summary: Based on on the PEGI rating of Xenoblade Chronicles, it was agreed that content on pages, comments, and forum discussions should be kept appropriate for readers 12-years old. When enforcing this, determination of what is appropriate for 12 year-olds may vary from admin to admin.

Anonymous Editing

Keywords: anonymous, accounts
Summary: After a trial period with anonymous editing disabled, it was decided to leave anonymous editing permanently disabled.

Article tense

Keywords: grammar, manual of style, tense
Summary: It was agreed that articles should be in the present tense, although room is to be left for cases where past tense is more appropriate, such as the recitation of events which occurred before the time period of the game.

Base vs. calculated numbers

Keywords: AP, EXP, JCE, enemies, enemy levels, sell price
Summary: It was agreed to "seed" the wiki with base numbers from the JCE, but whenever possible to allow for users to add more detailed calculated numbers. In the specific case of EXP and AP in monster infoboxes it was agreed to change the field text to "Base EXP" and "Base AP" and to link those field names to the relevant pages on the wiki which explain how those values are calculated.

Bots allowed

Keywords: Auto Wiki Browser, AWB, bot
Summary: It was decided to allow the use of bots on the Wiki. It was agreed that initially Doom636 and UnnamedBonus would operate bots, with the possibility open for other users to run bots in the future, pending community approval.

Detection and movement categories

Keywords: categories, enemies
Summary: It was decided that categories for detection and movement, such as Category:Sight Category or Category:Bipedal Enemies would only be placed on species pages, not individual enemy pages.

Italicizing Quest Names

Keywords: italics, manual of style, quests
Summary: It was decided to italicize quest names on the Wiki.

JRPG webring

Keywords: Japanese RPG, JRPG, web ring
Summary: It was agreed to join Wikia's JPRG web ring.

Links in headers

Keywords: header, links, manual of style
Summary: Citing the Manual of Style and issues it raises, it was decided not to include links in headers.

Page names should be singular

Keywords: Page names, grammar, manual of style
Summary: While allowing for some exceptions, it was agreed that page names should be singular rather than plural. In the cases where exceptions are made, the singular form of the page should be created as a redirect to the plural in order to make page linking easier.

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