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Yelv (Japanese: イエルヴ, Ieruvu, Yelve; English dub: /ˈjɛlv/) is a recruitable character in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is a young Reclaimer in the private military organization BLADE.


Yelv is a human with short layered blond hair and green eyes. His hair has a centered bang that covers his entire forehead, and he has a marking on his right cheek of unknown origin, which is likely a tattoo.


Yelv is not a conventional example of BLADE's finest, what with his casual attitude and laid-back language, but he is a valuable Reclaimer. A large part of his diligence in his field of work is rooted in his desire to recover his old partner, or at least his body, and get closure regarding his friend's fate. And while Yelv is rather reserved, he will open up to people he respects, like Cross; and, similarly to Cross, Yelv also struggles with his memories of the past.



Yelv can be found near North Founders Street in the Commercial District.


Yelv can be recruited once Meeting Yelv has been completed.

In battle

Yelv's Class is Alternative Blast Fencer. When he is first recruited, he is level 14 and rank 3. He wields Photon Sabers and Rayguns, in addition to a Delta Bliss, a type of Multigun that can be modified into three forms of cannon-missile rifles. His two Signature Arts are Essence Exchange (Photon Saber) and Master Gunner (Raygun). He has three skill slots. His class progression is as follows:

Class Rank Arts Skills
1 Starfall Blade
Beam Barrage
2 Starfall Rondo
3 Gravity Cloak
4 Geolibrium
5 Essence Exchange
6 Ether Blast
7 Myopic Screen Inner Search
8 Astrolibrium
9 Astral Heal Beam Boost
10 Starfall Blossom
11 Master Gunner High Tension
12 Subterfuge
13 Astral Purge Mechanoid Slayer
14 Novalibrium Knight's Soul
15 Galactic Cataclysm Supreme Sword
16 Secondary Accelerator
17 Synchrony


The following heart-to-hearts between Yelv and Cross are:

Affinity Name Location When Reqs
Off Duty West of Barista Court Late night
♥♥ Peacekeeping East Melville Street Late night
♥♥♥ The Ladies' Man East Melville Street Anytime
♥♥♥♥ Introspection Northwest of Division Drive Evening Yelv's Partner
♥♥♥♥♥ Halcyon Days East of Deliverance Park Anytime


Arms and the Man Meeting Yelv Mission A Mission B
Mission C Yelv's Partner
Arms and the Man Yelv's Partner

Affinity links


Main story

Main article: Xenoblade Chronicles X (plot)

Yelv does not make an appearance until the ending credits scene where he is seen doing push-ups along with other BLADEs. He also shows up in the post-credits scene as part of an expedition alongside Elma in the Lifehold Database Chamber.


  • In the Japanese version, Yelv is one of the characters obtainable through DLC.


Battle dialogue

Status effects
Stagger "Whoa, dizzy."
Topple "Oh no you didn't!"
Flinch "Aw, come on!"
Knockback "Easy there bub!"
Launch "[Yell]"
Stun "Crap, I'm stuck!"
Sleep "[Yawn] Getting sleepy..."
Control "Huh?! They hijacked my bod'!"
An enemy notices the party "Ready to get your butt handed to you?"

"Oh crap, trouble!"

A large Enemy notices the party "How to hell we gonna..."
Very low HP "This capital B-A-D!"
Becoming incapacitated "Son of a... Ugh."
Reviving an ally "Less snoozy, more fighty!"
Thanking "Thanks!"

"Appreciate it!"

Accumulating 3000 TP "Hell yeah! Time to bring the hurt!"
Activating Overdrive (Ground gear) "You're so freaking done!"
Activating Overdrive (Skell) "Here comes the bloodbath, Overdrive!"
Overdrive counter hits 50 "Uh-huh you ain't seen nothing yet!"
Overdrive counter hits 100 "You picked the wrong fight!"
Entering skell "I'm breaking out my skell!"
Exiting skell "Time to ground them with ground gear!"
Skell's fuel runs low "Fuel's low, gotta hurry!"
Skell runs out of fuel "Crap! I'm out of fuel."
An enemy joins the battle "More losers who want to get wrecked!"
Responding to battle commands "I got this!"

"Okay pard!"

Leveling up "YE-HEAH! I'm heading to the TOP!"
Winning a battle "Hmph. PATHETIC."

"Give me more skulls to crack!"
"Yeah, oh yeah!"

Soul Voices

  • "Use melee attacks for double the hurt!"
  • "Move in close and hit 'em where it hurts!"
  • "I'm in bad shape! Heal me!"
  • "Now smash 'em with a melee attack!"
  • "The big guy's gettin' weak! Attack from a distance!"
  • "Use an aura and regroup!"
  • "The next chump's getting a face full of bullets!"
  • "It ain't over! Gun 'em down!"
  • "Blast away! Don't give 'em a chance to fight back!"
  • "Ow, man! Somebody patch me up!"
  • "Forget about me and keep shooting!"
  • "Bam! Now take it in close and REALLY punish 'em!"
  • "Aw yeah! Finish 'em off at range!"
  • "Overdrive! Let's run 'em down!"
  • "How 'bout an aura to REALLY make me blush?"
  • "I think something's busted, but who cares? Open fire!"

Post-battle dialogue

Party member
Male Cross (Heroic) Cross - "Fate dealt us these cards, so we have to play them!"

Yelv - "That's right! For our sisters that survived, and our brothers that didn't."

Male Cross (Joker) Cross - "Everybody okay? Don't make me haul my butt home solo."

Yelv - "No way I'm dying out here."

Male Cross (Rebel) Cross - "GOD! What is WITH this planet?"

Yelv - "Well, you can't say it's not interesting."

Male Cross (Rookie) Cross - "Keep moving! We can reflect on our battles later."

Yelv - "Says the cat whose dragging his heels."

Male Cross (Studious) Cross - "Well... I apologize for losing my cool just then."

Yelv - "Hehe, whatever tough guy."

Male Cross (Classic) Cross - "I know we're fighting for humanity, but it all feels so futile."

Yelv - "Beating the crap out of bad guys is its OWN reward."

Male Cross (Warrior) Cross - "Men are like stones, smoothed by the tides of war."

Yelv - "Is that fourtune cookie for 'Better luck next time?'"

Female Cross (Heroic) Cross - "Another dawn to dusk workday? Sounds like fun to me!"

Yelv - "Heh, gotta step up and do something impressive sometimes."

Female Cross (Joker) Cross - "Meh, I'm BUSHED! Did i do all the work or what?"

Yelv - "Hey, keep it up. Less work for me."

Female Cross (Independent) Cross - "C'mon there's not time to lose. We've got a mountain of things to do!"

Yelv - "Alright, no need to be pushy."

Female Cross (Mature) Cross - "[sigh] These Miran winds are not compatible with my hair."

Yelv - "Who gives a crap? Come on!"

Female Cross (Peppy) Cross - "One small step for BLADE, one giant leap for humankind."

Yelv - "Long as you're stepping and leaping, how about you hop to it slowpoke?"

Female Cross (Classic) Cross - "Is it over? I haven't finished rolling up my sleeves."

Yelv - "Let's go find some chumps to wail on then!"

Female Cross (Soldier) Cross - "I'm torn; do i master hand-to-hand combat, or focus on ranged attacks?"

Yelv - "You and me can handle anything!"

Bozé Boze - "Shameful Yelv. You need a good teacher."

Yelv - "Who, you? Thanks, but I think I'd sleep right through one of your lectures."

Elma Elma - "Yelv, have you forgotten everything I've taught you?"

Yelv - "What? NO! I—I— ...Maybe? ... Sorry, Ma'am."

Nagi Nagi - "It's time to take out the trash. You ready, Yelv?"

Yelv - "I can't believe the Defense Secretary just said that..."

Irina Yelv - "Damn, Irina. You don't fight like a girl."

Irina - "You're gonna be singing like one if you keep that up."

Murderess Yelv - "Dang Murderess, you really know how to fight dirty."

Murderess - "That's right. Like I always say; 'don't use a broom for BS'."

Celica Yelv - "YAHOO! Wh-Whoa, Celica, jeez. Chill out."

Celica - "(pants) It's just, you scare me silly when you shout like that."

Adding-to-party dialogue

Instance Greeting Accept Refuse
Default "Heya, pard! You got a job in the works? If so, bring me along!" "Damn straight! With the two of us together, there ain't nothing out there we can't handle." "Aw, you're killin' me here! You gotta let me prove how unbeatable we could be together!"
Chapter 5 "It sounds like a whole bunch of White Whale debris landed in Oblivia. We should try to recover it while you're on your mission, and that means you should take me along! What do you say, pard? Ready to kick some ass?" "Damn straight! With the two of us together, there ain't nothing out there we can't handle." "Aw, you're killin' me here! You gotta let me prove how unbeatable we could be together!"
Chapter 9 "I hear the Ganglion have some major bases in Sylvalum. Not that it'd even slow down the superteam that is you and me! Ha! So what's the verdict, pard? We gonna mop up those Ganglion bastards or what?" "Damn straight! With the two of us together, there ain't nothing out there we can't handle." "Aw, you're killin' me here! You gotta let me prove how unbeatable we could be together!"
Chapter 10 "All that searchin', and still no sign of the Lifehold Core. Maybe it'll finally turn up in our next job, yeah? Just like, bam! Out of nowhere! So, what do you think? Wanna bring me along for luck?" "Damn straight! With the two of us together, there ain't nothing out there we can't handle." "Aw, you're killin' me here! You gotta let me prove how unbeatable we could be together!"
After Arms and the Man "So if they found his left arm in Oblivia... That means he must have fallens somewhere around that area, right? At the very least, we might find something that leads us to where he landed. So whaddya say, pard? Will you help me search the area?" "Thanks, pard. I know we can find him if we just work together." "Huh. Well, all right then. Guess I'll just head out and search by my own goddamn self!"
Chapter 12 "The damn Lifehold Core won't keep runnin' for much longer. We gotta get down there and secure it...for him. And also for every BLADE that we lost to a Ganglion attack! So come on! Lemme deal out some hot, creamy justice on this one!" "This could be our last job ever, so we gotta do it together. You hear me, right, pard?" "Aw, you're breakin' my heart. If this ain't the time to get the superteam back together, when the hell is?"
After Chapter 12 "No way we're letting those bastards make fools out of humanity and get away with it. Once we're done with them, everyone on Mira will sing the legends of our goddamn superteam!" "There you go, pard! Ain't nowhere we can't go if we just stick together." "Aw, you're killin' me here! You gotta let me prove how unbeatable we could be together!"


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