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Yew is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. He is an Ardainian member of the Garfont Mercenaries, and an assistant of Vandham along with Zuo. He is a Driver and is accompanied by his common Blade.


Yew is fought as a level 18 Driver boss inside the Jebbas Cavern. Yew and Zuo apply assistance to Vandham during the battle. He drops no items.

Yew is later battled as a quest-exclusive boss and Driver enemy. He is fought as Whirlwind Yew at level 44 at the Training Ground in the Kingdom of Uraya during A Test of Strength alongside Lightning Zuo, after which the Merc Group level rises to 3.

Yew in Jebba's Cavern


  • Yew can guard attacks from any side.


Break 0% Smash 0%
Topple 0% Blowdown 0%
Launch 0% Knockback 0%


Art Type Element Hits Range Damage Ratio Reaction Effect
Auto-Attack Physical - 2 One Target 100 - -
Charge Count Physical - 3 One Target 250 Break The user is Evasive during this Art.
Spinning Boy Physical - 3 Circle 200 Knockback -
Fly Bash Physical - 1 One target 200 Smash Only used if current target is Launched.

Yew's Blade

Yew fights alongside a male common Blade which increases his dexterity by 10% and is able to use Accuracy Up and Back Attack Up.

Blade Stats
Element Weapon Auto-attack Stability Critical Rate Block Rate
Water Megalance 18 4 19% 5%

Blade Specials
Art Type Element Hits Range Damage Ratio Reaction Effect
Round Break Physical Water 1 One target 270 - 300 - Increases damage dealt to toppled enemies by 100% - 110%.
Boomerang Spear Ether Water 11 One target 360 - 390 - -
Splash Lance Ether Water 6 Ahead 450 - 480 - -

Whirlwind Yew


Name Type Rarity Rate
Affinity MAX Atk III Aux Core Rare (rarity 2) 8.0%
Physical Defense Up III Aux Core Rare (rarity 2) 8.0%
Berserk Ring Accessory Common (rarity 1) 10.0%
Ureilite Chip Core Chip Rare (rarity 2) 10.8%
Leader's Eyepatch Accessory Rare (rarity 2) 7.2%
Leader's Eyepatch Accessory Legendary (rarity 3) 4.8%
Common Core Crystal Core Crystal Common (rarity 1) 10.0%
Rare Core Crystal Core Crystal Rare (rarity 2) 3.0%


Yew's name may come from the Mandarin word for "right" (右, yòu), while Zuo's may come from the Mandarin word for "left" (左; zuǒ). Together they make up Vandham's right and left hands.