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For the holofigure, see Yggralith (holofigure).

An Yggralith

Yggralith (Japanese: イェギラス, Yegirasu) are extraordinarily powerful draconic enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. There are only three known Yggralith.


"Hailing from the depths of outer space, these creatures can strip away the ether from entire regions before storing it in their dorsal spines to facilitate interstellar travel. Any unlucky inhabitants of planets they encounter are also devoured down to the very last organism. When this destructive rampage is finished, they set off in search of the next planet."

"Though rare, Yggralith do at times come in contact with one another. The ensuing battles spell doom for any planet unfortunate enough to be in the vicinity."

List of Yggralith

Name Type Location Time Weather Level
Phanatos, the Netherlord Tyrant Sylvalum The Awakening All 53 – 56
Pharsis, the Everqueen Tyrant Sylvalum Anytime All 97
Yggralith Zero Nemesis Cauldros The Final Menace All 60


Yggralith may refer to "Yggr", "The Terrible One" in Old Norse and anglicized as "Ygg", one of the many names used within Norse mythology to refer to Odin, the chief god, or the cosmic tree Yggdrasil.

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