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Yoink! is Riki's Talent Art in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a physical attack which inflicts damage and steals an item, HP, Strength, Ether, or Agility from an enemy. AP and EXP are added to this list upon unlocking the respective "AP for All!" and "EXP for All!" skills in Riki's Flexibility skill tree.


  • Yoink! can only steal one thing at a time, chosen at random.
  • Nothing will be stolen if the attack misses or is blocked.
  • Only four items per battle can be stolen (regardless of the number of enemies fought during the same battle).
  • Yoink! can steal extremely rare items from some enemies that do not drop gold Treasure Chests, mainly Quest Exclusive Enemies.
  • Items stolen will be received when the party either wins or successfully flees from the battle.
  • Yoink! will automatically fail if the target's Level exceeds Riki's by more than 10.

Technical Info

  • Stealing EXP or AP: 50% of the EXP and AP normally awarded for killing the enemy. They may vary depending on the level gap between the enemy and Riki.
  • Stealing HP: 50% of Riki's total HP. The enemy will lose the same amount of HP.
  • Stealing strength, ether, and agility: Riki's stat +10%, enemy's stat -10%; maximum total is 50%.
  • An enemy can lose at a maximum of:
    • net 30% for Strength
    • net 30% for Ether
    • net 50% for Agility
  • The debuffs from Yoink! against the enemy will last until the battle ends. Riki's buffs will disappear when he is KO'ed or the battle ends.

Riki expresses a sentence dedicated to each one, respectively:

  • "Riki grab experiences!"
  • "Riki find APs!"
  • "Riki feel tataaa!"
  • "Riki full of strength!"
  • "Riki find ether!"
  • "Riki feel faster!"

Stolen Items

The items which Riki can steal from an enemy are chosen from the enemy's Treasure Chest drop tables. Some enemies only drop low-grade chests, but still have a full set of wood, silver, and gold chest tables from which Riki can steal. Some Bosses and Story Exclusive Enemies do not drop chests, but carry items, however they are impossible to steal because the enemy displays 100% resistance to item stealing.

During battle, it is possible to determine the grade of item Riki stole based on what he says:

  • Wood chest item: "Riki find item!"
  • Silver chest item: "Riki take rare item!"
  • Gold chest item: "Oooooh!! Rare thing!!"
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