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The Zaruboggan when first met

The Zaruboggan (Japanese: ザルボッカ, Zarubokka) are a race of beings in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Their homeworld, Bedun, is covered in dense toxins which they call voltant (English dub: /ˈvoʊl.tənt/), a substance which is necessary for their survival but harmful to all other lifeforms. They are humanoid, but wear bulky clothes and helmets resembling hazmat suits which hide their true appearance. According to Orleron they are not divided into genders and reproduce asexually; the Affinity Chart lists the "gender" field of all Zaruboggan as "Unknown". Despite this Chiromyl is implied to be female or at least have a female personality of sorts.

The Zaruboggan worship a god named Golbogga (English dub: /ˌɡoʊlˈboʊ.ɡə/), who according to Trachlo Lythren "drowned our homeworld in voltant and birthed our people," and according to Arsenican created the Gorkwas which it placed on their homeworld. Young Zaruboggan undertake a pilgrimage to secure their own Gorkwas. When repairing a Gorkwa, the Ma-non Lulladu says that he thinks the staves are not Zaruboggan technology.

Zaruboggan use their Gorkwa staffs to remove voltant from the environment, a process they call devoltanizing, and store it in their backpacks. If a Gorkwa is used without a backpack, the voltant is absorbed directly into the user's body; this can be lethal to a non-Zaruboggan. Zaruboggan are very protective of their Gorkwas due to its importance for their survival.

The Zaruboggan are introduced in the Normal Mission Dead Men Tell No Tales. After the mission is completed, they establish themselves in New Los Angeles as processors of hazardous waste, an arrangement which proves mutually beneficial for the Zaruboggan and other residents.


The true appearance of the Zaruboggan is usually veiled by their suits and helmets. However, Feloran, who does not wear a helmet, shows that Zaruboggans have frog-like heads with elongated horizontal oval-shaped eyes. Concept art for the Zaruboggan supports this.


Bedun is the home world of the Zaruboggan. It is a polluted and ruined land. It has seas and forests, but these are incredibly toxic. There are ruins on the planet, presumably left behind by the Samaarians.


Zaruboggan live in a hierarchical society. Their cities are divided into blocks that are administered by a director of planning. There is only one such individual among the Zaruboggan of Mira.

Zaruboggan NPCs


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